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Welcome to the official home for Constant Noble!

Launched in 2012 as Constitution Books, Constant Noble is the creative-venture label of Reginald Routhwick, a veteran of Wikipedia/Wikimedia and the now-defunct Referata. Projects developed by Constant Noble include Tovasala, a constructed language (conlang) formerly known as Relformaide; The Sevton Saga, a children's story set in the fictional Atlantic island nation of Rogatia; and Unspooled, a children's book series featuring anthropomorphic animal characters.

This site takes the place of four sites from its founder once hosted on Referata: The Rogatia Encyclopedia, WikiSevton, The Dixwell Dossier, and the Relformaide Dictionary. An early version was launched on ByetHost in October 2020, but was short-lived due to lack of funds; XML backups from an early phase of that trial are awaiting manual and standard importation into Miraheze, starting with material in the Main and Project namespaces. This intro will be replaced once the import is done.

To reach out to Routhwick, e-mail him at pierre612004 [at] yahoo; visit him at Reddit; or donate to his Captain's Tip Jar at Patreon.