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Floribonde (IPA: /floʊ.ɹɪ.bʌnd/; 15.535803° N, 61.277566° W) is a cottage located in the Weirs locality of Marigot, Dominica, depicted in the Unspooled series. It is the residence of domestic cats Molly and adopted son Jim, as well as a six-strong clowder of chefs.

Floribonde—whose name derives from the Latin flōribundus (flowering/blooming)—was so called upon its 1929 establishment because of the flower gardens that stand on the opposite side of the property. It consists of:

  • A living room, with a well-maintained 1970s Zenith TV set, a wall of family photos, a few phone books (dating from the mid-1970s to today), and a large mahogany dining table;
  • Two kitchens, one indoor and another outdoor;
  • One bathroom, complete with two toilets (litterbox for felines, standard for other species);
  • Three bedrooms—the oldest made of wood, the second spacious and concrete-based, and the third a special haunt known as the "Love Room";
  • An enclosed front porch joining the "Love Room" and living room;
  • An authorised Wi-Fi booth annex and tower, operated by Jim, which is the Marigot villagers' communication lifeline and was completed in 2013; and
  • A bumpy, railless, moss-filled stone staircase leading down to the residence, which can sometimes get slippery after rainshowers; visitors are urged to exercise caution, especially when carrying goods.

Opposite Floribonde is an uphill, stilt-supported home that was once home to the Wright family of miceAndrew, his sister Twyla, and their parents—until their January 2020 departure for Panama City, Florida. Previously, the Wrights were in the company of Jennifer—a mysterious figure whom Jim had a crush on—and a hound dog by the name of Calixto García Gonzalez Gregory Mortiz the Second.[1] On the property's right (facing the main village road) is a small, pink, wooden, thin-walled grocery owned and operated by Mrs. Aldenheimer, a shrew who had entered her fifties when Sam first met her during an errand in Volume II.

Until mid-2020, Floribonde's upkeep was funded by remittances from various employees at Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset in Italy, whom previous owners had connections with. After that country's COVID-19 crisis made world headlines, funding responsibilities moved to Trinidad's Guardian Life/NEMWIL and America's Kino Lorber (the latter responsible for Reflections, spearheaded by their former prominent guests in the Dixwell raccoon family).

Floribonde is the Dixwell-universe analogue of where author Reginald Routhwick's late great-grandparents used to reside. (The real-life counterpart, dilapidated and uninhabited since ca. the late 2000s–early 2010s, was destroyed by Hurricane Maria in September 2017.)


  1. ^ As Calixto is fond of introducing himself, "I'm a cook—once fought with crooks."