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1899–2015 Agatha Holsapple Hedley
Unspooled character
Physical details
Species Cozumel raccoon
Gender ♀ Female
Height 147 cm (4 ft, 10 in)
Eyes Brown
Fur colour Light and dark brown
Personal details
Born August 29, 1899

Hillsborough, Carriacouno

Died January 8, 2015
(age 115)

Hillsborough, Carriacou

Cause of death Natural causes
Residence Hillsborough, Carriacou
Religion Christianity
Denomination Methodist



Kenneth Warren


Charlie Bernice

  • Co-great-great-grandmother of both Alfred (of the Lavinier-Saint-Omers) and Samson (of the Dixwells), and direct great-great-grandmother of Miquela.
  • A film star and socialite who gained fame from appearing in Ironstone, an early colour epic film from 1931 shot in Sam and Alfred's homeland of Dominica. She gave birth to her last child, Charlie, two years after its release.
  • Was the mentor to solenodon Maurice from 1944 up till the late 1970s.
  • In October 1998, days after Alfred was born, her great-grandson Wilhelmo would marry Hayley of the Saint Lucian Saint-Omers, bringing her into what would later become the extended Dixwell-Lavinier clan as their oldest-lived member. (In the real world, raccoons have lived for up to 19 years in captivity.)
  • Thanks to the aforementioned marriage, Agatha would share a birthday with her great-grandsister-in-law Cendrine until 2014.
  • Alfred started hearing his parents mention her name in conversations at the age of five, and took up interest in late 2008 once Maurice told him about her upcoming eleventieth birthday in Carriacou, making her the oldest verified creature in the Windward Islands. Their adventure will be recounted in Unspooled's tentative first volume.