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1998– Alfred Hieronymus Bosch Lavinier-Saint-Omer
Unspooled character
Nickname(s) Alfie
Physical details
Species Guadeloupe raccoon
Gender ♂ Male
Height 141 cm (4 ft, 4 in)
Eyes Brown
Fur colour Tawny brown, light grey, and white
Personal details
Born September 23, 1998
(age 23)


Residence Panama City, Florida
Religion Christianity
Denomination Christian Union
Education St. Mary's Primary + St. Mary's Academy, Roseau
Occupation(s) Animator • singer • documentary filmmaker
Employer(s) Kino Lorber Panama City LLC • Adanson Trust (as part of the Adanson Ensemble)
Love interest(s)
Galina, Nomena, Linda, Marion, Samson
  • Protagonist of Unspooled's tentative first volume, set across Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Carriacou in the Grenadian Grenadines.
  • Co-great-great-grandson of Agatha, a Windward socialite who appeared in Ironstone, a long-unseen 1931 Canadian adventure movie shot on location in his native Dominica.
  • Makes out with his cousin Sam every so often, although the parents of both understandably do not always approve.
  • Hieronymus Bosch was a Dutch painter of the late 15th century; by coincidence, Alfred is artistically talented. (His mother's family devoted their lives to the fine arts in St. Lucia.)