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2001– Galina Fortaleza
Unspooled character
Physical details
Species Ferret
Gender ♀ Female
Height 139 cm (4 ft, 4 in)
Eyes Deep turquoise
Fur colour Light brown (body)/brown (mask)
Personal details
Born November 1, 2001
(age 20)

Hillsborough, Carriacou

Residence Panama City, Florida
Religion Christianity
Denomination Anglican
Occupation(s) Animator • singer
Employer(s) Kino Lorber Panama City LLC • Adanson Trust (as part of the Adanson Ensemble)
Love interest(s)
Samson, Alfred
  • Appears as Alfred's friend in the Carriacou segment of Unspooled's tentative first volume.
  • Of Galician ancestry and speech, although she and her family often resort to using Portuguese before public company. (Her great-grandparents migrated from the Iberian mainland to the Grenadines in the 1880s.)
  • Often held weekly nighttime "Playground Parties" in her native island until she left in 2015 to reunite with Alfred. She was always in demand thanks to her perpetually cheerful, happy, and delightful personality, and a slightly squeaky voice to match—characteristics which have matured and held firm into her adulthood as a jill.