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2006– Hobrey Matsubashi Walsar Woker

Unspooled character
Physical details
Species Red panda
Gender ♀ Female
Height 88 cm (2 ft, 11 in)
Eyes Blue
Fur colour Orange and white
Personal details
Born September 18, 2006
(age 17)

Marigot, Dominicayes

Residence Panama City, Florida
Religion Shinto
Education Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary School, Marigot
Occupation(s) Animator • idol singer
Employer(s) Kino Lorber Panama City LLC • Adanson Trust (as part of the Adanson Ensemble)
Hobbies Anime • kite flying




Love interest(s)
  • The lead singer for Adanson's equivalent to the "Q-Teez" from Illumination's Sing, which predates that film by two years.
  • Sister to 11 other Wokers, all of whom were born to Japanese immigrants residing in Marigot and are known for their squeaky, mouse-like voices, which have proved a boon to their popularity. They star as fictional versions of themselves in Kino Lorber's Reflections music-video anthology.
  • Her respective first name, second middle name, and surname are the Central Nepal, Limbu, and Bhotiya words for her species ("Box 2.1: What's in a Name: Various Names for the Red Panda", Glatston (2010):12).