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1995– Jim James Aitken Stephenson Gosmore
Unspooled character
Physical details
Species Cat (Calico)
Gender ♂ Male
Height 140 cm (4 ft, 7 in)
Eyes Green
Fur colour Tan, with orange, black, and white spots
Personal details
Born October 16, 1995
(age 28)


Residence Marigot, Dominica
Religion Christianity
Denomination Methodist
Education Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary School, Marigot
Hobbies Translation, Wi-Fi, Blogging



Richard Stephenson

Love interest(s)
Samson, Seán, Violet, Ibrahim

Jim Gosmore (né Stephenson) is a tom cat, and one of Samson's friends in Marigot Magic. He lives at the Floribonde cottage with his foster mother, Molly, who took him in at age two after his parents died in a landslide. Jim has four siblings, whom he has not seen much for years.

Jim is a tech geek, and at one point secretly set up a Wi-Fi network at the Floribonde behind Molly's back. It eventually led to him having a fallout with telecom provider LIME and the local government. He also writes a blog in his spare time.

The calico had a crush on former neighbour Jennifer, who died when he was around ten. He used to stay at her home for long periods of time until Molly came over to pick him up.

As his friends from the Adanson Ensemble left Dominica for Panama City, Florida during March 2019 and January 2020, Jim stayed in Marigot to concentrate on the Floribonde upkeep and Wi-Fi linkups on the respective urging of Molly and their fellow villagers—which was a given considering how much the connections would fall into disarray without his hard work, guidance, and consultancy.