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1957– Malaika Hofburg Joanelle

Unspooled character
Nickname(s) Femme en Bleu ("Lady in Blue")
Physical details
Species Guadeloupe raccoon
Gender ♀ Female
Height 144 cm (4 ft, 4 in)
Eyes Blue
Fur colour Light and dark brown
Personal details
Born August 16, 1957
(age 64)


Residence Toronto
Religion Christianity
Denomination Catholic
Foster children Nathaniel
  • The woman of Matthew's dreams from the time he first met her on a visit to Marie-Galante in 1991; they reunited during a film shoot there in 2009. Matthew ultimately chose her over undesirable, long-time Toronto ex-girlfriend Hilda as his wife in 2011.
  • Shares her name with a character in the Goombay Dance Band's "Sun of Jamaica" (1979), part of this author's Grooveshark soundtrack to what was once Marigot Magic.
  • Her parents are named after the issue of Marie Antoinette.