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1981– Marion Beauraing-Clervaux

Unspooled character
Physical details Images
Species Snow leopard
Gender ♀ Female
Height 155 cm (5 ft, 1 in)
Eyes Bluish-yellow
Fur colour Grey with black spots
Personal details
Born February 26, 1981
(age 43)


Residence Panama City, Florida
Hobbies 1980s pop culture
Love interest(s)
Jim, Samson, Alfred
Tamla, Dinah, Lana
  • One of the summertime visitors to Marigot, Dominica's Floribonde cottage, early on in Volume II of Unspooled.
  • From the very first moment he saw her (in 2009), Sam found Marion so beautiful, he wanted to have an intimate encounter with her. Due to age differences, said encounter would not happen until late 2020, after Marion came to Panama City and Sam was about to turn 18.
  • One of Sam and Alfred's intimate preferences, because of her very long tail and her knack for what is known in old writings and/or scientifically as "paedicatio", or penetration of the "tewel". (Characteristic of her species, Marion sports a very large "tewel" measuring two inches in radius, and a large gape along with it.) As with Violet, Marion always relieves herself in front of the raccoon cousins before they penetrate her.
  • Marion has three cousins who appear in the works of Vivid Entertainment, an adult-media company.
  • In tribute to one of her favourite franchises, Marion wears Day-Glo clothes and footwear, and carries a "Blondine" tattoo on her side. ("Blondine" is the French name for Rainbow Brite.)
  • Her favourite song, "Lucky Star" (1983) by Madonna, reminds her a lot about Rainbow Brite and, to her, perfectly exemplifies its decade.
  • Her siblings are also fans of Rainbow Brite's biggest competitor, the Care Bears.
  • When vacationing, she takes along a pocket DVD player that runs on batteries and only plays Region 2 titles.
  • Her favourite board game is Sorry!, originally marketed by Parker Brothers and now owned by Hasbro. She learned it from Roth, a distant Anguillan relative of Sam's, when she was a teen.