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Ayamis, Paskwüw, Amelia, Hilbert
1951– Matthew Walemichire-Dixwell

Unspooled character
Nickname(s) Matt • Uncle Matthew
Physical details
Species Raccoon
Gender ♂ Male
Height 149 cm (4 ft, 11 in)
Eyes Blue
Fur colour Light and dark grey
Personal details
Born August 29, 1951
(age 72)


Residence Toronto
Religion Christianity
Denomination Anglican
Occupation(s) Filmmaker • film editor • hot-air balloonist





Edison Samson

Foster children Nathaniel
  • Uncle of Samson, who tries to visit him on the set of a Marie-Galante film shoot in Unspooled's tentative second volume (a side-story to Volume 1, starring Sam's cousin Alfred). This premise was inspired by the 2006 Miramax release, Our Very Own.
  • Works with an established crew whose members have been in the business for over five decades.
  • Has a foster son named Nathaniel, who serves as his shooting aide and maintains a farm in Thunder Bay while on break.
  • Matthew's goal in Volume 2 is to marry Malaika, the woman of his dreams that he met in Marie-Galante during his stay in 1991. He has an ex-girlfriend in Hilda, whom he dated from 1975 until he met Malaika. In early 2006, while he struggled in the slums of Toronto, Hilda unwittingly helped him out of his misery with a winning lottery ticket—one that brought him back into the limelight as the winner of C$56.7 million, the largest prize pool ever offered in the national game 6/49.
Matthew sets out to make his dream movie in Marie-Galante—if only to prove his love for that "Lady in Blue"—using $20 million of his earnings. He leaves the remainder to his Dominican and Guadeloupean relatives, thus ensuring Sam and Alfred's financial stability in their artistic, filmmaking, musical, and (in their adulthood) 2D animation careers.
  • Matthew's favourite way to travel is by hot-air balloon. He and his teammates set forth aboard such a fleet—back during his last go-round across the Windwards in 1991—and returned likewise 17 years later.