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1408– Nomena Rabesahala

Unspooled character
Physical details Images
Species Mouse
Gender ♀ Female
Height 122 cm (4 ft, 0 in)
Eyes Purple
Fur colour Black
Personal details
Born August 8, 1408
(age 615)


Residence Panama City, Florida

Naomi Rabesahala



Love interest(s)
Samson, Alfred
  • Daughter of a male Malagasy giant rat (votsovotsa) and female black domestic mouse (Hypogeomys antimena × Mus mus domesticus).
  • The name Nomena is Malagasy for "given".
  • A mouse hybrid beautiful in appearance and wardrobe, Nomena was once part of a secret fellowship that claimed to hold the key to near-immortality: a potion that could only be used nine times (per feline tradition) throughout a single given lifespan, thus enabling Nomena to witness nearly all of Malagasy history. Her first rendezvous with Sam, then aged , forms the basis for the tentative sixth and final book in the Unspooled series.
  • Nomena "regenerates" every 60-90 years thanks to a magic potion; in her current ninth and final form (begun on August 8, 1981), she is the girlfriend of raccoon cousins Sam and Alfred.

Family tree:Rabesahala