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Geraldine, Ludovic, Bernadette, JeremiahMatthew, Gertha, VictorAlfred
2002– Samson Walemichire Lavinier-Dixwell
Unspooled character
Nickname(s) Sammy • Sam
Physical details Images
Species Guadeloupe raccoon
Gender ♂ Male
Height 144 cm (4 ft, 9 in)
Eyes Blue
Fur colour Light and dark grey
Personal details
Born December 18, 2002
(age 21)


Residence Panama City, Florida
Religion Christianity
Denomination Christian Union
Education St. Mary's Primary + St. Mary's Academy, Roseau
Occupation(s) Animator • singer
Employer(s) Kino Lorber Panama City LLC • Adanson Trust (as part of the Adanson Ensemble)
Hobbies Movies • music • animation • Madagascar • balloon travel




Love interest(s)
Violet, Galina, Nomena, Linda, Marion, Anita, Alfred, Daniel
Daniel, Seán, Ibrahim, Jim, Andrew
  • The designated merchandising mascot of the Unspooled series.
  • Both Sam and his cousin, Alfred of the Guadeloupean-based Lavinier clan:
    • keep year-long supplies of Epi-Pens in check, owing to their longstanding peach allergies;
    • make out with each other every so often (despite their parents' occasional objections);
    • also make out with Galina (a ferret), Nomena (a mouse hybrid), Linda (a house mouse), and Marion (a snow leopard) time and again;
    • officially identify as bisexual;
    • and are related long-distance to Agatha, a Windward socialite who appeared in Ironstone, a long-unseen 1931 Canadian adventure movie shot on location in their native Dominica.
  • In line with his secretly amorous nature, Sam also makes out with his cocker-spaniel friend, Daniel.
  • Has an affair with Violet, a ring-tailed cat of Lithuanian ancestry who is most biologically compatible to him. He once had unrequited feelings towards her up till July 2021, when a certain kink natural to her species turned him on and made him slowly change his mind.
  • At age , Sam and friends travelled to Madagascar to repatriate Ironstone back from its zealous owner, a quokka named Mighty Mac. It was there that he met Nomena, a mouse hybrid beautiful in appearance and wardrobe, and a part of a secret fellowship that claimed to hold the key to near-immortality: a potion that could only be used nine times (per feline tradition) throughout a single given lifespan, thus enabling Nomena to witness nearly all of Malagasy history. Their adventure forms the basis for the tentative sixth and final book in the Unspooled series.
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