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2000– Seán Murphy
Unspooled character
Physical details Images
Species European otter
Gender ♂ Male
Height 140 cm (4 ft, 7 in)
Eyes Brown
Fur colour Brown
Personal details
Born February 8, 2000
(age 24)

Marigot, Dominicayes

Residence Panama City, Florida
Religion Christianity
Denomination Methodist
Occupation(s) Animator • singer
Employer(s) Kino Lorber Panama City LLC • Adanson Trust (as part of the Adanson Ensemble)




Violet, Jim, Ibrahim, Anita, Samson

Seán is an European otter, and one of Samson's friends in Unspooled.

Seán's parents and their brood once lived in Montserrat (as descendants of Irish settlers), and had to move out once Soufrière erupted in 1995. A rich friend of theirs—Bernard, a banana farmer, film collector/circulator, web developer (one of the first), and expert balloonist—invited them to stay in Dominica. They never looked back, although said friend departed long before Seán himself came to be.

The otter's mother, Darla, is an acarologist who enjoys opera; his father Drake (a former village librarian) spends time as an accountant. The family has relatives living in the Connemara region of northwest Ireland. Seán himself is a fan of Michel Sardou, a French artist who performed a 1981 hit set in that locale.

Where he lives, Seán is friends with Ibrahim, a Muslim squirrel. Oftentimes, he carries a cutlass whenever he helps out with his father on dasheens, bananas, or coconuts.

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