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1980– Tamla Seurasoni

Unspooled character
Physical details
Species Eurasian lynx
Gender ♀ Female
Height 138 cm (4 ft, 6 in)
Eyes Yellow
Fur colour Tawny brown with black spots
Personal details
Born July 16, 1980
(age 43)

Atlantic Cityyes

Residence Atlantic City
Love interest(s)
Jim, Samson
Marion, Dinah, Lana
  • One of the summertime visitors to Marigot, Dominica's Floribonde cottage, early on in Volume II of Unspooled.
  • Her surname is the Korean word for her species (스라소니, seurasoni), a fact she proudly wears on her shirt.
  • Born to immigrants from Seoul.
  • Occasionally wears a hanbok--a traditional Korean dress--for show and on special occasions.
  • Her father's cousin, a Korean native, once worked at AKOM Animation during the mid-1980s as an inbetweener amid low wages and long shifts. He was fluent in English as much as his native language. As Tamla tells Samson in Volume II, "A British friend taught it to him in his youth, and from there he went off on those bi-monthly trips to his library to learn it. Eventually, it proved advantageous as the company later gave him a translator position. He was able to clear the other crew’s misunderstandings—most if not all of the time."