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The Dixwell Dossier was once hosted at beginning on November 29, 2012. This page serves as a transitional dump featuring assorted leftovers from the original Referata site (effective July 17, 2021).

Family trees

The special Javascript and CSS code package that once properly displayed those trees, Arrows & Boxes, was developed by Dennis Treder in 2010 and hosted on his blog at, but is no longer online due to a recent change in focus on its original site.


This version reflects the early stages of Unspooled's development, and differs from the current official version found at Family tree:Dixwell.
() () () (●●●m: Agatha) - (-[●●mm]) - (●●●f: "Lord" Byron †) ||
() () () () (●●mm: Bernadette) - (-[+1]) - (●●fm: Charles) ||
() (●●fp: Elliot) - (-[◆ap]) - (●●mp: Florence) (-[◆a1m]) - (+1:-[◆a2m]) - (-[●m]) ||
() (-[◆u]) - (-[◆ap]) - (-[●f]) (◆a1m: Cendrine) (◆a2m: Gertha) (-[●m]) ||
(♥: ♥ Hilda{{<br/>}}♥ Malaika) - (◆u: Matthew) (-[◆ap]) (●f: Edison) - (-[○]) - () - (●m: Marguerite) ||
(◆*: Jeffrey) - (-[+2]) - (◆ap: Laura) () (○: Samson) ||
(-[◆◆1]) - (+2:-[◆◆2]) - (-[◆◆3]) ||
(◆◆1: Clément) (◆◆2: Christie) (◆◆3: Timmy)


() () () (●●fp: Joachim) - (-[+1]) - (●●mp: Susannah) () (●●mm: Monika) - (-[+2]) - (●●fm: Saulius) ||
(-[◆ap1]) - (-[◆ap2]) - () - () - (+1:-[●f]) - (-[◆ap3]) (-[◆am1]) - (-[●m]) - (+2:-[◆am2]) - (-[◆um1]) - (-[◆um2]) - (-[◆um3]) ||
(◆ap1: Charlene) (-[◆ap2]) () () (-[●f]) (◆ap3: Marlene) (◆am1: Emilija) (-[●m]) (◆am2: Veronika) (◆um1: Jurgis) (◆um2: Juozapas) (◆um3: Gintaras) ||
() (◆ap2: Callista) - (-[+3]) - (◆up*: Justin) (●f: Steven) - (-[○]) - () - (●m: Karen) ||
() (-[◆◆1]) - (+3:-[◆◆2]) - (-[◆◆3]) - (-[◆◆4]) (○: Violet) ||
() (◆◆1: Abby) (◆◆2: Georgia) (◆◆3: Eve) (◆◆4: Desmond)


() (Kenneth) - (-[1+]) - (Lazarina) ||
(-[s1]) - (-[s2]) - (1+:-[s3]) - (-[d]) - (-[s4]) ||
(s1: Russell) (s2: Jonathan) (-[s3]) (d: Alyssa) (s4: Paul) (Malachi) - (-[dil]) - (Mona) ||
() () (s3: Drake) - () - (-[gs]) - () - (dil: Darla) ||
() () () () (gs: Seán)


(Leila) - (-[c]) - (Mahmoud) ||
() (c: Ibrahim)


(Imelda) - (-[+]) - (Richard) ||
(-[c1]) - (+:) - (-[c2]) ||
(c1: Andrew) () (c2: Twyla)


Originating from their species' native Rottnest Island in Western Australia, the Goulds are a family of quokkas; Bethany's most prominent distant relative is Mighty Mac, antagonist of the sixth and final volume.
() (Vincent) - (-[+]) - (Gwendolyn) ||
(-[c1]) - (-[c2]) - (+:-[c3]) - (-[c4]) - (-[c5]) - (-[c6]) ||
(c1: Susanne) (-[c2]) (c3: Agatha) (c4: Joseph Amos) (c5: Corinna) (c6: Adam) ||
() (c2: Bethany) - (-[++]) - (sil: Humphrey "Bogart") ||
(-[gc1]) - (-[gc2]) - (++:-[gc3]) - (-[gc4]) - (-[gc5]) - (-[gc6]) ||
(gc1: Matilda) (gc2: Rosie) (gc3: Bette Davis) (gc4: Thalia) (gc5: Kira) (gc6: Helen)


() () (f: Burt) - (-[1+]) - (m: Agnes) ||
() () (-[o]) - (1+:-[s]) - (-[b]) ||
(Francine) - (-[2+]) - (o: Parry) (s: Brunhilda) (b: Nestor) ||
(-[c1]) - (2+:) - (-[c2]) ||
(c1: Selena) () (c2: Daniel)

Fan art

Although the site founder is not a lawyer, and a few bits are outdated, the points raised in this piece remain relevant and crucial to Unspooled's project and fandom development. Said piece will be officially integrated as part of the Dossier's content policy at some point in the future.
A caricature of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter character (à la John Lennon's style), which Wikimedia Commons allows under its fan art guidelines
A simple bullwhip and hat, as photographed by a Commons user. These props conjure images of Indiana Jones to millions of film fans.

Fan art refers to works created by fans of a movie, TV series, cartoon, anime, video game, comic, or book. This field is an occasional grey area in the realm of copyright law, since such works are occasionally unauthorised by the original creators and/or companies responsible.

If you're reading this as a child...

At the Dixwell Dossier, fan art can be uploaded—but with a few caveats:

  1. It should involve at least one character from Marigot Magic.
  2. It should be as family-friendly as possible.
  3. It remains freely available under CC0 and Kopimi (or a Creative Commons licence, or similar, if the uploader wishes).
  4. It should steer clear of trademarked/copyrighted cameos as much as possible.
  5. Despite the acceptable rights, it is not fit for the Wikimedia Commons, and probably shouldn't be uploaded there for the time being.
  6. Not too many should be submitted; this site's limited storage resources must be conserved and managed.

If you're reading this as a grown-up...

We accept fan art by any artist, from any source, at any time, and in any style—as long as you follow the terms above.

As for Wikimedia Commons, it's a different story. Their standards are strict when it comes to fan art; as their general rules make clear, they will not accept works with trademarked characters and/or copyrighted designs. No matter how good-looking, or whether you love or adore the artist(s). You know where to look already—and beyond that, worse.

Commons reminds its users that while mere ideas and situations aren't copyrightable, the way(s) in which they are visually presented and executed can be. For example, consider a homage to the Indiana Jones saga (on right), showing just a bullwhip and hat, was made and uploaded by a Commons contributor under a free license. But the real McCoy, from the 1980s trilogy and its 2008 follow-up, is trademarked by Lucasfilm, now a Disney subsidiary. The films themselves, at any rate, are still under copyright by Hollywood company Paramount Pictures. Woe be the one who faces the wrath of George Lucas' lawyers one day....

Similarly, a drawing of a boy with black hair and glasses (as seen on top) is reminiscent of J. K. Rowling's best-selling books featuring Harry Potter, and the resulting movie versions thereof. Rowling holds the copyrights to the books, while Warner Bros. owns the movies. Whether or not the drawing identifies him as Harry Potter does not matter, as long as it is "a pre-existing commonplace element, provided it is a drawing of a generic boy, and does not copy the specific realizations of the book cover illustrations, the movies, or the computer games."

In fact, most fan art does count as derivative works under United States law—although they are subject to a fair use exemption. As long as it's based on a fully copyrighted property, the resulting works are still subject to copyright. No wonder Commons is deeply (and rightly) concerned about this: "Taken together, [copyright and trademark laws] are strong in most countries that respect intellectual property, with the result that it would be extremely unwise for a commercial competitor to attempt to copy elements or characters from the original work of fiction, in any form." And again, we've seen worse; you might as well ask Mike Masnick or Glyn Moody at Techdirt—heck, even Rick Falkvinge.

Also, Commons reminds us that names and titles, mere allusions, commonplace pre-existing elements, and actors' and actresses likenesses cannot be copyrighted. They can, however, be subject to trademark restrictions in various jurisdictions.

Fortunately, there is a catch here: Everything created for the Marigot Magic project—drafts, characters, outlines, and the like—are released to the public domain worldwide under Creative Commons' CC0 waiver and Piratbyrån's Kopimi clause. In theory, it means that fan art of the characters can also be uploaded to Commons.

If only that were really so.

Commons does accept fan art in limited circumstances, so long as the work meets their educational criteria. Unfortunately, as they go on to say: "[We are] not a free web host, and we cannot accept collections of original art whose purpose is merely to showcase the talents of the artist (unless the artist is a notable figure in which case we will host them)." As such, this affects any and all fan art of Marigot Magic for the time being. (Keep in mind that certain artists may retain the copyrights to any fan work not uploaded or showcased here.)

Again, take note of our storage limits—100 MB all told—and please send in your cleanest work. In other words: No characters—especially young ones—in compromising poses or situations. Again, there are other sites for that, and at this writing, it is unknown whether Referata is willing to accept such content if at all.

REMEMBER: All fan art you submit here remains under CC0 and Kopimi—unless you opt-in and use either Creative Commons' Attribution (BY) or Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA) licence, or adhere to similar terms. If your submission involves characters owned by someone else, we can't accept it; do we want the legal eagles to come down here and swoop around?

To paraphrase Ansen Dibell in 1988's The Elements of Writing: Plot, from Writer's Digest Books:

Now quit reading. Go draw!

(Nina Paley and scores of doujinshi will thank you for it.)


Long out of date (dating back to Year 1 of the Dossier's Referata existence), but republished here for historical purposes.
Welcome to the Dixwell Dossier's bug reporting page.

This is a list of known bugs affecting this site, and will be updated as more are discovered; if you see something wrong, then report it here. Also see Wikimedia Bugzilla.

  • Math extension does not work: Localised issue, caused by the lack of the texvc component. Errors will result when attempting to use <math>equation</math> at this moment. Details at Help:Displaying a formula. 19:26, October 24, 2013 (EDT)
    Another user pointed out this exact same problem on[1] in late October. It turns out that texvc has not been working properly on Referata's servers for quite a few years now, according to an e-mail this site's founder received from Referata founder Yaron Koren. "[Fixing it] might be tricky," he went on to say, "[and] I need to look into it again." 12:17, November 17, 2013 (EST)
  • Titles with "+" and "&" are not resolving properly: Localised issue; affects Widget:+1 and Widget:Comments+,[2] as well as The Dixwell Dossier:Arrows & Boxes, even whenever those pages are saved. Causes titles to be truncated, resulting in Widget:1/Widget:Comments/The Dixwell Dossier:Arrows—even if %2B and %26 are specified in the URL. This phenomenon has been reported for other wikis. 19:26, October 24, 2013 (EDT)
    This thread on Drupal's official forums suggests %252B and %2526 as a workaround until the problem is resolved. 19:32, October 24, 2013 (EDT)
  • Images larger than 12.5 MP do not render at all: Across Referata. The message "Error creating thumbnail: Invalid (thumbnail) parameters" will appear whenever attempting to use higher-resolution images and media. See mw:Manual:$wgMaxImageArea. 12:17, November 17, 2013 (EST)

Character Map

Originally part of the Draft Central section of the Dossier; to be reincorporated into/retooled for the present-day "Drafts" feature as Volume I proper gets refined. Several characters mentioned below have been already retconned from the current series proposal.
This is the project's character map, a guide to the main characters' appearances throughout each disc arc of the soundtrack.
This Draft Central section owes its name to the Microsoft Windows component.
Character Disc
01 02 03 04 05
Bethany's daughters    


This is a glossary of key terms appearing in the Marigot Magic manuscript, as denoted by language; the Tovasala/RFM column is new to this Miraheze version. See also The Dixwell Dossier:Draft Central/Dictionary.

English French Spanish Lojban Tovasala
raccoon raton laveur (commun) mapache prokioni sibande
Guadeloupe raccoon raton laveur de la Guadeloupe mapache de Guadalupe mabrlotorminora Guadloupsibande
quokka quokka quokka krauka kuokale
dog chien(ne) perro, perra gerku nâye
cat chat(te) gato, gata mlatu nèke
mouse souris f ratón m smacu tuebe
rat rat m rata f ratcu duaile
squirrel écureuil m ardilla f ricyratcu prauskũre
otter loutre f nutria f, lurtia f lutra loutré
fox renard m zorro, zorra lorxu vaulpé

MediaWiki stylesheets

Main page: /Stylesheets


  1. Formerly at "r:User talk:Yaron Koren#'Math' extension seems to not be properly installed". "r" was the localised interwiki prefix for Referata's home site.
  2. On Miraheze, the Widgets extension was discontinued in December 2020 following a security audit. See also Replacements for the Widgets extension at the Miraheze Developers Wiki.

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