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In tandem with Semantic MediaWiki (formerly offered by Referata, and introduced experimentally on Miraheze in April 2022), the Constant Noble site uses DynamicPageList3 (DPL3) as an SMW substitute. DPL3 is a reporting tool for MediaWiki, listing category members and intersections with various formats and details.

When invoked with a basic set of selection parameters, DPL3 displays a list of pages in one or more categories. Selections may also be based on factors such as author, namespace, date, name pattern, usage of templates, or references to other articles. Output takes a variety of forms, some of which incorporate elements of selected articles.

This extension is invoked with the parser function {{#dpl: .... }} or parser tag ‎<DPL>. A Wikimedia-compatible implementation of certain features can be invoked with ‎<DynamicPageList>.

Complex look ups can result in computationally expensive database queries. However, by default all output is cached for a period of one hour to reduce the need to rerun the query every page load. The DPL:Parameters: Other Parameters manual page contains information on parameters that can be used to disable the cache and allow instant updates.

DynamicPageList3 is distinct from two other similarly named extensions, the original DynamicPageList (developed for Wikinews and maintained by Wikimedia; formerly "Intersect") and DPL3 precursor DynamicPageList (third-party) (now incompatible with recent MW builds). On Miraheze, site bureaucrats must pick between DPL and DPL3 at Special:ManageWiki/extensions, since both options conflict with each other.

During November 2020, various DPL3 installations ran afoul of errors stemming from incompatibility with MediaWiki's actor migration campaign, not helped by the absence of the original maintainers at its GitLab page.[1] These circumstances led to a rework of the code for MediaWiki 1.35+ (by Universal Omega) a few months later. Near the end of its trial run that same month, this site's original ByetHost incarnation placed its launch of the extension on hold (upgrades pending).

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