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The Constant Noble site utilises the Genealogy extension on profiles of characters found in the label's works, primarily Unspooled and The Sevton Saga. Although reported to be used on 378 Miraheze wikis, no examples or demos therefrom have been located by this author so far; this page seeks to rectify that gap.

The extension provides a special parser function, {{#genealogy:}}, for tagging the parents and spouses of a character (i.e. {{#genealogy:parent|}}; {{#genealogy:partner|}}) in the fields for the {{Character box}} where it is embedded. If no page on any parent exists yet, then {{Character box/preload}} (defined by MediaWiki:Genealogy-person-preload) will appear when beginning to fill in the details.

Remember that all uses of this feature here apply to fictional entities; real-life biographies are outside the site's scope. Adding a character requires a Miraheze account (as local editing and account sign-ups by IPs are disabled), so please register at Miraheze Meta before doing so at the eponymous form.

Genealogy can also generate family trees, which are displayed through Mermaid (with {{#genealogy:tree |ancestors=Character:Name |descendants=Character:Name |format=mermaid}}). This feature received its own namespace on December 30, 2021; for an example, please see Family tree:Dixwell (covering the mainline family of raccoon characters from Unspooled).

This extension was created by WMF member Sam Wilson.

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