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Originally branded as Semantic Forms until version 4.0 in November 2016, Page Forms (as this feature is officially known) were a feature of all Referata wikis during that service's heyday, and are currently included on Miraheze's list of optional extensions. Yaron Koren, Referata's founder, is a co-creator along with Stephan Gambke.

Below are the forms currently in use on the Constant Noble site; most of them can also be found in the desktop sidebar's "Add / Update Data" section.

Thanks to the {{#default_form:form name}} tag (reserved for category pages and {{Work info}}), pages can also have an "Edit with form" tab alongside the normal "Edit" tab. Before November 2016, the special property Has default form was also used for this purpose. While no longer officially part of Page Forms, it was retained for convenience as a regular property at the Referata version of the Relformaide Dictionary.

Current version of Page Forms: 5.4

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