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Referata was a wiki farm run between 2008 and 2020–2021 by Yaron Koren, whose main selling point was Semantic MediaWiki. The founder of the Constant Noble site was once an administrator there and operated four wikis devoted to his in-progress projects: The Rogatian Encyclopedia/WikiSevton (The Sevton Saga), The Dixwell Dossier (Unspooled), and the Relformaide Dictionary (Tovasala).

Referata fell prey to a sitewide hack during April and May 2019, which sent it into prolonged life support. The site initially went offline by July 2020, but resurfaced briefly only for a database crash to occur by September. Since then, the Referata domains have intermittently resurfaced in the clearnet, most recently during June–July 2022.

The Referata hack prompted the Constant Noble founder to begin this new wiki at ByetHost in October 2020, en route to starting over on Miraheze the following June.

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