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...and there it is.

As mentioned in Grammar: Syntax § Synthesis. This sentence, along with several variations, is a well-worn staple in the fields of English phonics and rhyme.

The cat is on the mat.
Neklé woadiākat.

Analysis in Tovasala

By class

nek/l/é woad/iāk/at

By word

Entry Level Morpheme(s) Inflection Source language(s)
neklé 1 nek nek/l/é Japanese
woadiākat 1 woad woad/iāk/at Yele

IPA transcription


/ðiː, ðʌ, ði, ðə kæt ɪs ɒn ðiː, ðʌ, ði, ðə mæt/


/nɛ.kleɪ woʊ.dɪ.æ.kæt/


Language Words Characters Letters
Total Unique With spaces Without spaces
EN 6 5 22 17 16
RFM 2 2 16 15 14


EN cat is mat on the
RFM neklé woadiākat
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