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Originating from Hamlet, "To be, or not to be" is one of the best-known quotes from the œuvre of Shakespeare. An early version of the Tovasala translation of this soliloquy opener first surfaced in the demo-entry code for "be" at the original Referata-hosted Relformaide Dictionary (on April 3, 2017). A later revision became a Snippet during the Constant Noble site's short-lived trial run on ByetHost (ca. November 2020).

To be, or not to be—that is the question.
Bivar, hoder nalbivar: esane jaugurat.

Analysis in Tovasala

By class

biv/ar hoder nal/biv/ar esan/e jaugur/at

By word

Entry Level Morpheme(s) Inflection Source language(s)
bivar 1 biv biv/ar Croatian
hoder 1 hoder hoder German
nalbivar 1 nal nal/biv/ar Lojban
esane 2 esan esan/e Estonian/Finnish
jaugurat 2 jaugur jaugur/at Local blend

IPA transcription


/to bi ɔɹ nɒt to bi ɪs ðiː, ðʌ, ði, ðə kwɛʃ.tən/


/bɪ.vɑɹ ho.dɛɹ næl.bɪ.vɑɹ ɛ.sæn dʒɔ.ɡu.ɹæt/


Language Words Characters Letters
Total Unique With spaces Without spaces
EN 10 7 41 32 30
RFM 5 5 38 34 32


EN be is not or question the to
RFM bivar esane hoder jaugurat nalbivar
Added on: 2021-08-01, 08:45
0003 0005