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  • Snippet #0002 at the original Relformaide Dictionary on Referata (on July 7, 2018). Resurfaced on the ByetHost trial version of this site ca. October–November 2020.
  • Development of the earliest version of what this site founder informally calls "The Merchant's Test" dates back as early as May 2018.
  • The Merchant's Tale is part of The Canterbury Tales (1387–1400), a collection of 24 short stories in poetic form by Geoffrey Chaucer. The framing device implied 120 tales would be included, but there is debate as to whether Chaucer died before he could finish them, or they got completed but only these fragments survive. (In modern scholarship, Merchant's is placed in Fragment IV; Victorian-era texts placed it in Group E.)
  • This is based on a modern-day rendering, whose original Middle English counterpart reads:

'Wepyng and waylyng, care and oother sorwe
I knowe ynogh, on even and a-morwe,'
Quod the Marchant, 'and so doon oother mo
That wedded been.'

“Weeping and wailing, care and other sorrow
I know enough, in the evening and in the morning,”
said the Merchant, “and so do many others
who have been married.”
«Flère nend krivé, huzide nend otri desolide
sabim daustanu, wob fronochieme nend froditrieme,»
dezat Nêrendiēno, «ńausin
otripaulime fraulavi.»

Analysis in Tovasala

By class

fler/e nend kriv/é huzid/e nend otr/i desolid/e sab/im daustan/u wob fronochiem/e nend froditriem/e dez/at nêrendiēn/o ń/ausin otr/i+/paulim/e fraul/av/i

By word

Entry Level Morpheme(s) Inflection Source language(s)
flère 1 fler fler/e Latin
nend 1 nend nend Bukusu
krivé 1 kriv kriv/é English/French
huzide 2 huzid huzid/e Local blend
nend 1 nend nend Bukusu
otri 1 otr otr/i French/Spanish
desolide 2 desolid desolid/e Compound
sabim 1 sab sab/im Spanish
daustanu 1 daustan daustan/u Czech/Croatian/Croatian
wob 1 wob wob Lower Sorbian
fronochieme 3 fronochiem fronochiem/e Local blend
nend 1 nend nend Bukusu
froditrieme 3 froditriem froditriem/e Local blend
dezat 1 dez dez/at Spanish
nêrendiēno 2 nêrendiēn nêrendiēn/o Compound
ausin 1 ausin ń/ausin French
otripaulime 2 otr + paulim otr/i+/paulim/e French/Spanish
fraulavi 1 fraul fraul/av/i German

IPA transcription


/wiː.pɪŋ ænd, ənd, ən weɪ.lɪŋ kɛə, kɛəɹ ænd, ənd, ən ʌ.ðɚ aɪ noʊ ɪ.nʌf ɪn ðiː, ðʌ, ði, ðə iːv.nɪŋ ænd, ənd, ən ɪn ðiː, ðʌ, ði, ðə mɔɹ.nɪŋ sɛd ðiː, ðʌ, ði, ðə mɝ.tʃənt ænd, ənd, ən soʊ du mɛ.ni huː hæv, həv bɪn mæɹ.ɪd/


/flɛɹ nɛnd kɹɪ.veɪ hu.zɪd nɛnd o.tɹi dɛ.so.lɪd sæ.bɪm dɔ.stæ.nu wob fɹʃim nɛnd fɹo.dɪ.tɹim dɛ.zæt niː.ɹɛn.dɪ.ɛ.no nɔ.sɪn o.tɹɪ.pɔ.lɪm fɹɔ.læ.vi/


Language Words Characters Letters
Total Unique With spaces Without spaces
EN 29 23 160 132 138
RFM 18 16 144 127 133


EN and been care do enough evening have I in know many married merchant morning other others said so sorrow the wailing weeping who
RFM ausin daustanu desolide dezat flère fraulavi froditrieme fronochieme huzide krivé nend nêrendiēno otri otripaulime sabim wob
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