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Originally concocted by linguist Noam Chomsky in his 1955 thesis The Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory. As Wikipedia states,

Although the sentence is grammatically well-formed according to the patterns of English, no obvious understandable meaning can be derived from it, and thus it demonstrates the distinction between syntax and semantics. As an example of a category mistake, it was used to show the inadequacy of certain probabilistic models of grammar, and the need for more structured models.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
Onikondi troawshauré doarmisat broigardu.

Analysis in Tovasala

By class

onikond/i troaw+shaur/é doarm/isat broigard/u

By word

Entry Level Morpheme(s) Inflection Source language(s)
onikondi 2 onikond onikond/i Compound
troawshauré 2 troaw + shaur troaw+shaur/é N/A
doarmisat 1 doarm doarm/isat Latin/French/Spanish
broigardu 2 broigard broigard/u Compound

IPA transcription


/kʌ.lə.ləs gɹin aɪ.diəz sliːp fjʊɹ.i.ə


/o.nɪ.kon.di tɹoʊ.ʃɔ.ɹeɪ doʊɹ.mɪ.sæt bɹɔɪ.ɡæɹ.du/


Language Words Characters Letters
Total Unique With spaces Without spaces
EN 5 5 38 34 33
RFM 4 4 41 38 37


EN colorless furiously green ideas sleep
RFM broigardu doarmisat onikondi troawshauré
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