Inspired by Wiktionary:Quotations and powered by DynamicPageList3, the Corpus of Tovasala's Snippets section collects usage examples from various sources for display in the Tovasala Dictionary's entries.

The Snippets serve as an equivalent to the index cards (or "slips") used by the likes of the Oxford English Dictionary, the official Merriam Webster's Dictionary, and the like. Snippets cover passage, poem, and Wikipedia excerpts. Each one, whose goal is to enrich the entry stock, is assigned a four-digit number, and contains a citation to the source on top. Data consists of the original English text first, followed by the Tovasala translation, and a concordance of target keywords in both languages (with links to morpheme tables).

Below is a list of snippet links accompanied by descriptions of their content; once the total has reached a multiple of five, links to the next five will be automatically generated via a special code utilising DPL3, Loops + Variables, and Page Forms' {{#arraymap}}. Starting with #0007, all such material is processed via the eponymous form.

This Miraheze version was originally located at "Portal:Snippets" during the ByetHost trial run in October/November 2020, and stands in for the original "Project:Snippets" page at the Referata-hosted Relformaide Dictionary.

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