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This is the documentation page for Template:Language colour. Editors are welcome to test this template in its dedicated sandbox.

{{Language colour}} denotes the hex/web colour of the family a natural or established constructed language belongs to. Its scheme is taken directly from Wikipedia's {{Infobox language/family-color}}.

Found in {{Language box}}, {{Lexicon DNA}}, and {{Stem DNA}}.


(Ordered by geographical area, going roughly eastward.)
Colour Value Family
#c9ffd9 Indo-European
lime Uralic
lightgreen Kartvelian
lightgreen Northeast Caucasian
lightgreen Northwest Caucasian
darkseagreen Turkic
#faecc8 Afro-Asiatic
#fda Niger–Congo
mediumspringgreen Dravidian
salmon Sino-Tibetan
lavender Kra–Dai
#fd79da Trans–New Guinea
#eba9ee Pama–Nyungan
pink Austronesian
lightskyblue Algic
#c0dde6 Mayan
tan Creole
black Constructed
white Unclassified
#ddd Language isolates
#ddd Other