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flâme nns, flâmouse du, flâmes pl 1 / 1a ii a [/fleɪm/; flâme (1 syll.)] [Eng. flame, Fr. flammeWiktionary and Sp. flamaWiktionary.]

1 : fire, blaze
For the word meaning "lay off an employee", see fuindinzar.

Derived terms: flâmeuzi (burn/ablaze/fiery/in flames), flâsịme (flame), flâmarde (inferno/conflagration), flâmeuzabili (inflammable), flâmiveande (fire extinguisher), flâmiviène (firefighter), flâmivobène (firehouse), flâmbomiste (fireplace), flâmvaulpe (Firefox).

Causative verb: flâminzar (inflammate/light/kindle/set on fire). Related terms: vepaumi (hot), kandèle (candle).


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zuairole (ice)



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