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kriōali a, kriōalausmi comp, kriōalausomi super 1 / 1b i [/kɹɪ.oʊ.li/; kri•oa•li (3 syll.)] Borrowed [Antillean Creole kréyol (Commonwealth of Dominican variant: Kwéyòl)Wikipedia, Eng. creole and Port. crioulo (diminutive of crio, or "servant")Wiktionary.]

1 : Creole, creole
This native root has three consecutive vowels—a single phoneme (i) followed by a diphthong (oa).

kriōale ns, kriōalo m, kriōala f, kriōalous(e/o/a) du, kriōales/kriōal(o/a)s pl [/kɹɪ.oʊl/; kri•oale]
1 : Creole, creole (language/person/speaker)

See also

pijine (pidgin)

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