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ponti a, pontausmi comp, pontausomi super 1 / 1a i a [/pon.ti/; pon•ti (2 syll.)] [Mambwe-Lungu -pontaPanLinx.]

1 : flat, level
English flat also means "apartment" (ziegelarde), "lifeless"/"uninteresting" (vevondi), or "deflated" (laufondi; of a tire).
ponte n, ponto m, ponta f, pontous(e/o/a) du, pontes/pont(o/a)s pl [/pont/; ponte]
1 : (Geography) plain, prairie, savannah, flatland
English plain also means "ordinary"/"usual" (besneli), "honest" (bireni), or "clear"/"transparent" (klairi).


No snippets contain this word.


tompi (rough/course/rocky)

False friends

pont (bridge) (luvande) (French)

See also

rovinde (floor/surface), leami (smooth/even)

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