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roasowe nns, roasowouse du, roasowes pl 1 / 1a i a [/ɹoʊ.so/; roa•sowe (2 syll.)] [Fr. roseauWiktionary.]

1 : reed
In capitalised form, this refers to either the capital of Dominica; a city in northwestern Minnesota; or a town in west-central Saint Lucia.


[0007] Grieve (1906):86:

Roasowe, puind’Jouremeterije ńansulozi ten 6,N000tame ńaulmadi, ńotrondat suode hoteleti, naumten Ogilvie’s:IM:QQ...
Roseau, which is the principal town on the island, having a population of about 6,N000 inhabitants, has only one small hotel, viz., Ogilvie’s:QQ...



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