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tafèle nns uncountable 1 / R2/2b i [/tæ.fɛl/; ta•fele (2 syll.)] [Amharic ተፈጥሮ (täfäṭro)Wiktionary.]

1 : nature, natural world, environment, ecosystem

tafeli a not comparable [/tæ.fɛ.li/; ta•fe•li]
1 : natural, environmental
tafelu adv not comparable [/tæ.fɛ.lu/; ta•fe•lu]
1 : naturally, environmentally
tafel- pfxd [/tæ.fɛl/; ta•fel]
1 : eco-
Productive prefixoid denoting words related to nature and the environment, including tafelauroti (eco-friendly), tafeŕtanule (ecology), tafelauboge (environmentalist), and tafeŕtiōle (tree-hugger). Synonymous with the more colloquial pũräislaufe; anthropomorphised in the phrase Tafelozriānta (Mother Nature).


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