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world, pl worlds [/wɝld/; world (1 syll.)]
1a : [[Entry:{{#rreplace:maund|((?<![iu])e|ē).$|èd}}e|{{#rreplace:maund|((?<![iu])e|ē).$|èd}}e]] nns (human existence as a whole)
1b : [[Entry:{{#rreplace:Tair|((?<![iu])e|ē).$|èr}}e|{{#rreplace:Tair|((?<![iu])e|ē).$|èr}}e]] nns (Earth)

From the Corpus

[0001] Kernighan (1974):1–2:

Salout, maunddhé!
Hello, world!


Earth (1b)

Landau #: 1437GSL #: 112

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