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Originally published on: 2021-11-21, 03:42
Updated: 2022-12-26, 02:10
Shortcut: FTA:20211121

Salout, tauwtés—aubradduripim reliruju!

Well, since a lot of my online activity in the near future is going to be on know the deal.

If you've just found me here by chance or through my recent Hive/Ecency and Reddit correspondence, I am what you may call a cyber-transient. (Meaning: I settle on a site for a few months, then move on to something better, more interesting, or niche-relevant.) Since 2005, you may or may not have seen me in action on Wikipedia, Wikia,, Referata,, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, Empire Avenue/Empire.Kred, Reddit...and most importantly, my long-time hub at Google+. (And at the latter's twilight, a certain post-to-pay outlet and its community-led fork.) Effective tonight (20/11/2021), this Miraheze namespace joins that long calling-card list; the best-of archive originally intended for WordPress will soon be unloaded there instead. So many links, so little time. (Speaking of LFM: I also made the late great imeem and Grooveshark part of my online routine.)

I am also a self-described man of many interests, which shows in the projects I keep circling back to every so often: An anthro adventure series for children called Unspooled; an action-thriller revenge fantasy, The Sevton Saga, and its North Atlantic island setting Rogatia; a reprint of Ernest Vincent Wright's lipogram, Gadsby; a conlang called Tovasala, né, Relformaide (as mentioned above); and St. Isabel, an island realm north of the Greater Antilles—not to mention anthro commissions on the side any month from now. (Not to mention Veritas, a gift map dedicated to my former Plus contacts.) Also, I'm a pop-culture geek for hire—whenever the time strikes. No wonder I visit TV Tropes every once and again. Not to mention I'm into quality music (and not just the Billboard hits) and animation (and not just Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks)...

Besides, almost no one knows that I'm also an amicable, well-tempered, generous-when-able 35-year-old expatriate from the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Windwards of the West Indies, currently based in the Sunshine State—unless I reminded you here or elsewhere. (Before 2017, it was Connecticut's Brass City, Waterbury; before northern fall 2006, the Bronx in New York.) If any other Nature Islanders have come across this platform, I'll search around.

Things briefly looked bright on ByetHost last October–November, but nothing came of it—especially after my password credentials there disappeared without notice or warning (due to lack of available funds). After a fruitful Wikisource stint earlier this year, a few volumes of Reflections during April–June (more on that at Adanson Jukebox/A Musical Legacy), going all in on Miraheze starting in late June, investing in a ton of RFM imports from a slowly dying Referata since mid-July, dabbling in Shimajiro as a sagaubilo since late September (amid the usual "nightflighting" as I affectionately call this ritual)...well, here we are.

Last, but not least: This was supposed to be based on something similar I invested in on 3tags a few years ago, but never backed up through or otherwise; let that scenario be a lesson in your creative future. Too late for me and dozens of others by now, sadly. (3tags—no surprise if that name's new to you—was a budding competitor to the more high-profile Tsū in the post-to-pay arena. But both outlets died out before most knew it: Tsū ran out of investment money [and in the middle of a sitewide talent contest, to boot!], while 3tags gutted away its user-generated content to make way for science-oriented retool Pionic. That incarnation also fell on the wayside by November 2017. No winning either experiment, is there? As for Steemit, a certain Justin Sun took over a year after I joined—and look how that went.)

Fun fact: Tsū received a brand new name, Display, this past April. What kind of a rock have I been living under?

As promised all along since last August, this inaugural Miraheze dispatch would never, never be complete without u/UsserMoon's take on Sam and Alfred, the boy raccoon cousins from Unspooled; I met this user at r/furry back in August. In your language, muchas gracias! (And in mine, dolchardat!)

Sam and Alfred (by r/UsserMoon, 1/8/2021)
Sam and Alfred (by r/UsserMoon, 1/8/2021)

Speaking of Sam and Alfred: The Unspooled manuscript itself, practically on the table since Miraheze came into my life, will finally get revisited in a matter of days. (For Volume 1, that is; the original 2012 version, codenamed Marigot Magic at the time, entered NaNoWriMo and "won". Like last time, though, I'm off the event this year—but intend on asking a few folks around at its forum soon enough.) Helps that I've been recently going through the stockpile of musical selections, old and new, to prep up for the comeback.

As we wind down here, those first several FTAs—maybe just this first one if we're lucky—will forgo Page Forms. (Which we'll switch to—recent bugs or not—any day before mid-December, on account of its foregone dependence on the keyword system.)

And over on my device—a Galaxy Tab A since summer 2018—some spring cleaning awaits the hard-storage side of things, starting next Monday. Thank heavens Chrome lets you download to your SD card now—or else it could have been much worse in the long term!)

Finally, take note, readers: I am getting vaccinated soon, meaning I'll have to step down from Miraheze duties for a while as I recuperate from the fever that comes along with it.

Well, now that I'm practically through's to a new start, a new (wiki) host, a new namespace, and a new shot at getting my ambitious career on track (but it could get worse). Also, be there as I trot out reruns from the G+ years (as time, demand, opportunity, and occasion permit). Until then, fellow furs, scribes, linguists, mappers, and islanders:

Take care, stay connected, keep exploring, joaŕparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

This is your Once and Future Captain speaking. See you as I continue #WhatLiesAground and the Marigot Notebook, right here on you-know-where.

All the best...

Routhwick (talk)



Adapted from "Mo péboulaubradat. (Or in Relformaide, 'I had to move.') (February 2019) from the STM/Hive/Ecency archives, itself adapted from "Greetings, Patrons!", a January 12 post by this author on his Patreon tip jar. In the current Bescherainaubré era of RFM, this title now translates to "Boulaubraddurim"—proof of how far that conlang and I have come.


(At least we won't have to put up with the ⊙ symbol here!)

  1. ^ If you're tuning in for the first time, that's the number of days that have elapsed since this feed's G+ début [on June 28, 2012]. The counter is a carryover from those good old times; I wouldn't part with it for nothing.
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