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Originally published on: 2022-05-23, 14:00
Updated: 2022-08-16, 09:14
Shortcut: FTA:20220523

Morning, folks. (7:50 as I start typing this out.) Sorry if I'm back on such short notice—but thanks to an off-air break involving the intimate side of the Shimanos et al. during the crack of dawn...

Let's start things off with a joyful-looking, teary-eyed Aura (アウラ), a squirrel girl with mouse ears whom Shimajiro meets on Magic Island in his 2018 movie (released to commemorate the Kodomo Challenge program's 30th anniversary). (Via Google image results for "しまじろうとアウラ"; can you figure out this ship without resorting to GTranslate or our earlier FTAs?)

Speaking of Shimajiro movies—or Shimajiro Adventures as the Rogatian division of WildBrain will begin marketing them this July—only two have made it to the West in any form, both unsubbed. 2014's Song of the Whale is on the franchise's Indonesian YouTube channel, Shimajiro Club, as well as 2019's Heroland; if you missed the original Japanese Whale last Thanksgiving (as part of YT's Anime Weekend) missed it. (But I, a fledgling fan, sure didn't.)

From Benesse themselves, a pictorial recap of his big-screen friends up till 2021's computer-animated Sky-Flying Ship.[1] (This season, the spin-off movies switched back to the cel-shaded style of their parent show WOW!.)

As this next fan goes to great lengths to remind others, several in-show live-event specials in 1997 predated the present-day Shimajiro movies. At the turn of the millennium, these specials joined the first 48 classic episodes in the franchise's only foray into VHS. Not on DVD, not on streaming, not in WildBrain's license deal, and (a possible commercial aside) not on YouTube. (Unless you're in the Bulwark, where they helped close off the classic run last November and are scheduled to hit Pluto TV this August; stay tuned for their inclusion as bonus features in the Collection #3 seven-disc set this Christmas.) Screenshots/commentary, thankfully, are floating around on the feed in blue.

Meanwhile, insert out-of-context captions for screencap #3 in this Memorial Day extra (via extended Google image results for "Shimajiro and friends"). (As the handle hiragana make clear, this account has nothing in common with OpenStreetMap.)

By the way, that's Kirinta the giraffe, who débuted in the Hesoka era. ("Kirinta" is derived from the Japanese 麒麟 [kirin].)

As we change subjects, saying hi once again to an old friend:

When it comes to feline waifu, I may still have a soft spot for Tamako-sensei, but now she's met her match in one of the best things ever to happen to reality competition—and the furry fandom. (Her show is the seventh season of an Americanised South Korean formatby way of Thailand].)

From John Oates, one half of a famous '80s pop duo with Daryl Hall:

In the Bulwark, tons of fan art have proliferated this northern spring—including officially licensed goods from the Lindellan family of Elmshire. (The Lindellans were once supporting characters in early draft versions of this contributor's Sevton Saga [during 2006–08 or thereabouts], back when it was supposed to take place in his native Dominica. Of course, once my aunt in the Bronx talked me out of this plan by early 2008...)

Meanwhile, a glimpse of the real-world deal. (Answer to FOX's promo next time on this feed; for now, WP and/or Google is your friend.)

As an end-of-May bonus, the official (albeit fan-relayed in this case) promo for Series 3, Part 2A of Bluey (via that Australian preschool hit's subreddit; helps that I made a request deal with "garydactyl7" days prior).

Speaking of Reddit: r/furry_wordsmith, on which I relayed my "Eleventy Gambit" extract last summer, hit the banhammer ca. last Saturday for lack of moderation. Up to my archiving detective work—and r/RedditRequest—to resolve the issue soon enough. (Can anyone—wiki-veterans included—say "link rot"?)

As we wind down here: The stuff you sometimes discover alongside those Shimajiro tweets. In this non-anthro bonus, a vintage Japanese newspaper ad from sometime in the 1970s promoting Sony TVs (at some regional chain from the looks of it). To fellow readers in the Pacific: Send in your translations!

And that's it for Monday; wish me well on the morphemes, marathon, maintainance, and those two niblings of mine. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, benparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

Onward and upward...

Routhwick (talk)


Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

Ringmaster, Prince, and Firefly (c) Marina Toybina/Fox Corporation/MBC.

Bluey (c) Ludo Studio. Distributed by BBC Studios.


  1. ^ Delayed from the prior year due to COVID-19.
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