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Originally published on: 2022-07-27, 08:36
Updated: 2023-01-08, 13:43
Shortcut: FTA:20220727

After the title of Shakespeare's famous play.

Rellompey, lezleuttiōltés. Now that another seven-month edition of our movie-marathon tradition has finally been over (with 216 titles all told by our final day, July 19), and we managed a two-hour, "contractually obligated" Shimajiro warmup last Thursday afternoon (during 5:15–7:15)...back to the "Ordinary World". (A shout-out to the final music video in our 2022 lineup.)

While we're on the above subject, I should remind you that it wasn't just a was the World's Fair, but for film/TV/entertainment/pop culture. This year's lineup literally ran the gamut—almost every genre, major studio, and continent possible—to the point where my mind started calling guessed it...the Gamut by the time March set in. (At least our tradition finally has a name—not to mention a formula each intermittent leg started adhering to midway during the process.)

Throughout this stint, I pictured myself as the "Curator" of the Ophelia, a nine-screen complex located in the Hillsborough County exurbs, and imagined all of that lineup running in Auditorium #1. In-universe, Auditorium #1 was the result of "de-twinning"—merging two screens into one—after the theatre phased out 35 mm equipment in favour of digital/DCP. (Auditoriums #3–10 were accordingly renumbered #2–#9 in the process.) The two platters that remain—plus a 4K system in between—serve one of the largest screens in Central Florida. (Measuring 27" [8.2296 m] in height to mathematically accommodate the standard industry ratios: 1.33:1 [36"/10.9728 m width], 1.66:1 [45"/13.716 m], 16:9/1.85:1 [48"/14.6304 m], and 2.37:1 [64"/19.5072 m].) The booth, 100" away from the screen, is manned by up to six projectionists for 35 mm, and two if digital.

The Ophelia—named in honour of Dominica's "Lady of Song"—opened its doors as an ordinary multiplex in July 2001. Tickets cost no more than $10.00 for a single feature ($5.00 under 18), a bargain compared to their competition; half-price on holidays. (This was also the theatre I once ran during my brief rendezvous with Fantasy Movie League, now suspended in the wake of COVID-19. Watching all those attractions made me want to go back there and revive my tenure, but alas...)

But I'm getting a tad ahead of myself. In the next several weeks, we'll devote an entire FTA to the remainder of this year's attractions; for now, all you need to know is that our lineup ended on a high note with a two-day "Last Picture Roadshow" (July 18 & 19), with all-time classics Citizen Kane (1941) and Paddington 2 (2017) as the closing picks. Too many movies + too much time = the urge to end it off as early as I could.

See you in 2023—and see you on my first "Night Flight" of the year any time pretty soon—but for now, an agenda is in order. (Effective August 7, tasks dealt with are crossed out.)

  • First of all, deal with the keywords. Once again, development of the system has been stalled after a one-shot experiment from last summer—the Caribbean page—came and went. Resuming efforts in earnest before this week's over—thanks to the file descriptions for three of our latest uploads at press time, all involving a new OC by the nickname of "Cheer Bun":

    By "Ok-Attempt-5201" By "Matingris";[1] sketch (left)/coloured (right)
    Not to mention she has a cousin, too. (If you've got kids, please stand by till I implement spoiler tags.)
    By "curlyxcurious", 18/7/2022; CC0/Kopimi
    By "curlyxcurious", 18/7/2022; CC0/Kopimi
    Which leads us to...
    • Uploading the remaining requests I've received from various Redditors this month, to be showcased in our next FTA—plus developing a version of Wikimedia's preloaded file-info box which will début on said highlights. Not only that, I'll be changing the "r-" (subreddit) in the previous image titles to "u-" (user) on account of a long-unrealised nomenclatic oversight. Which leads us further to...
    • Upgrading the {{Character box}} to accommodate the character art; you'll see this function in action on the profile for Sam, our Unspooled mascot. (Test-run image below by "CrystalLynxArt". Have you ever met a raccoon just as handsome?)
    By "CrystalLinxArt", 27/7/2022; CC0/Kopimi
    By "CrystalLinxArt", 27/7/2022; CC0/Kopimi
    Which leads us much further to...
    • Launching a live version of Adanson's Docket (complete with Wayback links), now that Kino Lorber has reopened production on the Reflections series at the very moment this dispatch's initial version goes to press. Everyone on board has finally received their shots (the last crewmember did so on the 17th), and scores of artists from the recently afflicted Ukraine, Hong Kong, and mainland China have been welcomed to KL's satellite outlets in Panama City, Florida with open arms. All leading up to...
    • Resumption of manuscript duties on Unspooled itself, starting next Monday or a bit earlier.

    Not to mention...

    • Getting my PayPal credentials in check; all I need to give them is proof of address, and I'm on my way again.
    • Receiving enough babysitting dues for a replacement laptop, because I really need that so badly to get my songfile cleanup and map projects going; now on hold for the next 1–4 months since my younger sister recently expressed concern over compatibility between PayPal and Capital One. (Minimum requirements: Windows 10, 8 GB of memory, 128 GB of storage.)
    • On the FTA side of things, retrofitting the remaining pre-form writeups with {{FTA post}} till Friday—and no later...
      • along with setting up the home page for that very namespace/feature at some point after.
    • Ushering in a couple new optional skins, plus (by Thursday) the Pipe Escape extension for the embedded tables' sake. (That much I realised I needed as I finished preparing this...)
    • Last but not least, dealing with the rest of the morpheme-table data as soon as Referata returns online; another outage happened a matter of nights ago.

    "Never ends for this Captain, does it?"

    Speaking of linguistics, let's delve into a couple of observations (and a new coinage):

    • Depending on where you live, Popotan refers to either the 2002 eroge whose opening title found its way into the Caramelldansen meme (if you're a Japanese native or an otaku Westerner)...or the thigh (if you're a Yoruba speaker in Nigeria).[2]
    • Anita is not only a common Western girl's's also Chickasaw for "my bear" (spelled as a̠nita'). The basis for yet another species-named OC of mine; be there as I pitch her across Reddit (and stay tuned for Fanilosa).[3]
    • Administrivia, which many tropers may be already familiar with, was OED's word of the day for August 1. (Entry ID: 274120; defined as "With singular agreement. Trifling administrative tasks, esp. those which take a significant amount of time to complete.")
    • If you've watched Bluey lately or for the first time, you'll appreciate that it has an unique artstyle all its own—one I have now coined "Bluism". (Modelled after "cubism"; defined as "A style originating from Ludo Studio in Brisbane, Australia, characterised by geometrically rounded objects as well as anthropomorphic characters of cuboidal stock—chiefly dogs—that stand on two legs.") Destined to remain a protologism until a fellow Redditor or Miraheze user or otherwise catches wind of it from here...

    As for Tovasala, here's a declension chart for Cheer Bun herself, laprenvuibuena. (Must remind myself to "de-regex" the code before long, too...)

    Declension (2a iii c i)
    Singular Dual Plural
    Absolutive (abs) Subject laprenvuibuena laprenvuibuenousa laprenvuibuenas
    Topic laprenvuibuengeuna laprenvuibuenouseuna laprenvuibuengeunas
    Ergative (erg)

    laprenvuibuenieba laprenvuibuenousieba laprenvuibueniebas
    Appositive (app)

    laprenvuibuenerija laprenvuibuenouserija laprenvuibuenerijas
    Dative (dat)

    laprenvuibuenada laprenvuibuenousada laprenvuibuenadas
    Partitive (part)

    laprenvuibuenguneta laprenvuibuenousuneta laprenvuibuengunetas
    Vocative (voc) Familiar laprenvuibuenta laprenvuibuenousta laprenvuibuentas
    Formal laprenvuibuenusta laprenvuibuenöubusta laprenvuibuenustas
    Locative (loc)

    laprenvuibuenamad- laprenvuibuenpuavad- laprenvuibuenpuasad-
    Genitive (gen) Inalienable laprenvuibuenpuaz- laprenvuibuenpuavoz- laprenvuibuenpuarroz-
    Alienable laprenvuibuenpuarz- laprenvuibuenpuavorz- laprenvuibuenpuargorz-
    Proprietive (prop) Inalienable laprenvuibuenamzol- laprenvuibuenpuavemzol- laprenvuibuenpuasemzol-
    Alienable laprenvuibuenamten- laprenvuibuenpuavemten- laprenvuibuenpuasten-
    Instrumental/Vialis (instr/via)

    laprenvuibuenambemek- laprenvuibuenpuavemek- laprenvuibuenpuashemek-
    Utilitive (util)

    laprenvuibuenamaurd- laprenvuibuenpuavaurd- laprenvuibuenpuasaurd-
    Comitative (com)

    laprenvuibuenamaseb- laprenvuibuenpuavaseb- laprenvuibuenpuasemaseb-
    Conjunctive (cnj)

    laprenvuibuenamauvek- laprenvuibuenpuavauvek- laprenvuibuenpuasauvek-
    Originative (ogn)

    laprenvuibuenamesil- laprenvuibuenpuavesil- laprenvuibuenpuasemesil-
    Terminative (term) Temporal laprenvuibuenamuskem- laprenvuibuenpuavuskem- laprenvuibuenpuasemuskem-
    Spatial laprenvuibuenamäffuind- laprenvuibuenpuaväffuind- laprenvuibuenpuasäffuind-
    Lative (lat)

    laprenvuibuenamaup- laprenvuibuenpuavaup- laprenvuibuenpuasaup-
    Allative (all)

    laprenvuibuenamäuvv- laprenvuibuenpuaväuvv- laprenvuibuenpuasäuvv-
    Inessive (ine)

    laprenvuibuenamint- laprenvuibuenpuavint- laprenvuibuenpuasint-
    Illative (ill)

    laprenvuibuenamïnvv- laprenvuibuenpuavïnvv- laprenvuibuenpuasïnvv-
    Exessive (exe)

    laprenvuibuenamtug- laprenvuibuenpuavemtug- laprenvuibuenpuastug-
    Elative (ela)

    laprenvuibuenamtüvv- laprenvuibuenpuavemtüvv- laprenvuibuenpuastüvv-
    Adessive (ade)

    laprenvuibuenamiāk- laprenvuibuenpuaviāk- laprenvuibuenpuasiāk-
    Apudessive (apud)

    laprenvuibuenamproxim- laprenvuibuenpuavemproxim- laprenvuibuenpuasproxim-
    Altessive (alt)

    laprenvuibuenamault- laprenvuibuenpuavault- laprenvuibuenpuasault-
    Subessive (sube)

    laprenvuibuenamulem- laprenvuibuenpuavulem- laprenvuibuenpuasulem-
    Precursive (pcv)

    laprenvuibuenamprev- laprenvuibuenpuavemprev- laprenvuibuenpuasprev-
    Postcursive (pos)

    laprenvuibuenamaprev- laprenvuibuenpuavaprev- laprenvuibuenpuasaprev-
    Abessive (abe)

    laprenvuibuenamond- laprenvuibuenpuavond- laprenvuibuenpuasond-
    Distributive (dist)

    laprenvuibuenamaivad- laprenvuibuenpuavaivad- laprenvuibuenpuasaivad-
    Propositive (pro)

    laprenvuibuenamaubog- laprenvuibuenpuavaubog- laprenvuibuenpuasaubog-
    Oppositive (opp/anti)

    laprenvuibuenamopoam- laprenvuibuenpuavopoam- laprenvuibuenpuasopoam-
    Contrastive (crs)

    laprenvuibuenampotal- laprenvuibuenpuavempotal- laprenvuibuenpuaspotal-
    Essive (ess)

    laprenvuibuenamnand- laprenvuibuenpuavemnand- laprenvuibuenpuasnand-
    Translative (trsl)

    laprenvuibuenamiz- laprenvuibuenpuaviz- laprenvuibuenpuasemiz-
    Semblative/Formal (sembl/form)

    laprenvuibuenamoid- laprenvuibuenpuavoid- laprenvuibuenpuasoid-
    Similative (simil)

    laprenvuibuenamausik- laprenvuibuenpuavausik- laprenvuibuenpuasemausik-
    Identical (idt)

    laprenvuibuenamaibem- laprenvuibuenpuavaibem- laprenvuibuenpuasaibem-
    Comparative/Equative (cmpr/equ)

    laprenvuibuenamkuem- laprenvuibuenpuavemkuem- laprenvuibuenpuaskuem-
    Referential (ref)

    laprenvuibuenamprin- laprenvuibuenpuavemprin- laprenvuibuenpuasprin-
    Note: Not all case endings may apply to this root. As such, some or most forms shown above may be hypothetical.

    As we wind down, a bunch of miscellany.

    • Two goings-on concerning my family, or my homeland, that no one reminded me of until late June/mid-July respectively:
      • My upstate New York aunt, believe it or not, was on the same inaugural 72-passenger AA3579 international flight from Miami to Dominica last December! Alas, her latest flight this summer got cancelled...
      • At the start of July, the West Indies won over Bangladesh in a one-day match at Roseau's Windsor Park Stadium.
    • As seen on Spectrum's Bay News 9 (via Roku late this afternoon: One David Yates by name and his crew have managed to shoot all of eleven movies in the Tampa Bay area so far this year. (Were this any other year pre-pandemic, I'd yearn for a slot as an extra; for now, though, I still have my miniseries ambitions to go around.)
    • Also in the news: The makers of the Klondike bar have decided to retire the Choco Taco brand after nearly four decades. Acquisition offers—serious or not—have been reported on. (Even one from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian himself!)
    • As seen on the Miraheze network this August 6 (via in-domain Google results for "From the Author"): A documentation site devoted to the online freemium writing software, NovelAI, which I'll test a few Unspooled samples with anytime before the 11th. (That, and a similar tool called InferKit, formerly Talk to Transformer—no connection to Hasbro.)
    • Also on the night of August 6: Almost struggled to remember DeviantArt's fantasy-focused precursor while trying to look it up for several hours on FanLore. Now that I've remembered it was Elfwood (1996–2016) all along... (This, while coming across FL's SheezyArt article [by way of ArchiveTeam]).
    • Last but not least, a Shimajiro extra whose cute thumbnail always makes my day. (Sadly, this official upload may be geoblocked; blame what used to be Funimation.)

    And that wraps it up right here, folks. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, benparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

    Wishing you another ten years...

    Routhwick (talk)


    P.S. Birthday's on Sunday; twice the legal age. Taking that whole week off the Vizio monitor due to that and the agenda.

    Characters and video (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.


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