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Originally published on: 2022-06-26, 03:52
Updated: 2022-12-26, 01:55
Shortcut: FTA:20220626

...because so much has been riding on our plates this past month:

  • Our marathon's 2022 edition hit the 200-feature mark (Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink) this Wednesday;
  • yours truly received a brand-new Nextplus number some days prior (after a two-year lull—and only to start seeing about my PayPal credentials);[1]
  • our Spectrum cable service returned on Sunday, June 19, but in a reduced capacity (all-basic, no DVR);
  • I was pitching Sam, Alfred, and Nomena to various furs/artisans across my Reddit comfort zone this past fortnight or so;
  • and for much of today, I was at the mercy of either the niblings offline, or a drive to curb the 5+-year backlog of roots from the original Relformaide Dictionary at Referata. "Never ends for this Captain, does it?" One year on, and I still can never catch another break.

Not to mention this slew of selections from the Wikimedia Commons CC0 queue, fetched from my longstanding Chrome tab backlog (since the morning of June 14); commentary on individual images to follow in subsequent edits. (I have to beat midnight, you know; hope you understand.)

Also, I believe this is my first go with the <gallery></gallery> tag on any MediaWiki site—but as hinted above, don't take that for granted.

For useless trivia points:

  • After almost a year, Tovasala 2.0 boasts all manner of morphemes based on 400+ languages as of tonight. Coincidentally, the number of English-sourced terms equalled our exact source-lang count after Lakota and Dakota[2] joined the list hours ago—401 all told. Still, this is a drop in the ocean compared to the 7,000+ registers, dialects, variations, eras, and so forth tracked over the decades by the Ethnologue team.[3]
  • On a more intimate note, Nomena's character profile was page #10,000 on this Miraheze site. Chances are we'll hit the top 100 by overall count come northern fall or Christmas.
  • And three days from press time, this feed turns ten. (Thus barely surpassing Samuel Pepys by tenure duration, if not in entry count.)

As we turn to the anthro field: After ages of asking, one "gerlynart" by handle finally gave us this week's missing piece. Presenting, once again, the Dominica-born boy-raccoon wonder from this contributor's forthcoming Unspooled series. Dolchat deuvamu!

By "gerlynart", 25/6/2022; CC0/Kopimi
By "gerlynart", 25/6/2022; CC0/Kopimi

(To "SomeoneCanRead": I'll get to yours tomorrow afternoon; apologies for the months-long overlook.)

To "Jae3ird": I still owe you one half of an art trade en route to my renewed commission commitments. Sorry, but once again...hope you understand from the opening ¶. Any time soon, fellow...

Next up, for the rest of those lucky few Shimajiro fans in the West, a few relevant doodads tying in to recent observances. (Be warned that the official English-market uploads may or may not be geoblocked.)



Mother's Day:

And Father's Day:[5]

As an added bonus: 2019's Heroland movie was dubbed a few months ago into English, but with a different cast than the Iyuno roster.

I stand corrected: Though not on the WildBrain side of things, glad to say this version (albeit apparently truncated from the Japanese original) is represented on the official Indonesian channel! Forget Tom Sawyer—at least for now: This will hit our very first "Night Flight" queue of the year, some time after July 4th's fireworks. Don't miss it!

...Gee, Hannah-chan, you've got something sour in your mouth, haven't you? (Off-context guess.)

And over in the Bulwark...

  • With crossover special Clash of the Tigers (with U.S. contemporary Daniel) winding down, TJE Studios of Weymouth, Rogatia announced their next reanimated classic movie this morning on Twitter: Origami Rabbit, a furry tribute to Peter Bogdanovich and Paper Moon. Benesse was on board during pre-production in early 2022, but dropped out when it became clear Mimi-Lynne and her father Sota would go off-character stepping into Addie and Moses' shoes. Therefore, TJE had to create "expies" to compensate.
Origami Rabbit, a co-production of A24 Antilles, WildBrain Caribbean, Cool Japan, the estate of Bogdanovich, Nickelodeon,[6] and Paramount Rogatia, launches next Chinese New Year on Troadal/Pluto/StarzPlay. (DRM-free; CC-BY 4.0.)
  • Meanwhile, DV9's animated Insular series finally premiered to modest fanfare on June 24 after several weeks' delay (due to a crowded blockbuster/family-dollar season).

In case you missed it from down under... (Via "ticky13" at r/bluey, who reminds the readership that the Logies are the Australian counterpart to the U.S. Emmy Awards.)

And in case you missed our TV trivia question last time: Teyana Taylor won season 7 of The Masked Singer in her Firefly costume, while the feline Ringmaster (performed by Hayley Orrantia) was runner-up.

As we wind down, a couple recent musings of mine post-publication:

  • Thanks to inspiration from Wiktionary's newcomers a night or two ago, I've come up with a stand-in for Nomena: Fanilosa, whose name is Choctaw for "black squirrel". (Via the entry for fvnushi, or "little squirrel", or [in RFM] prauskũrète.) The sooner this update comes to pass, the sooner I'll pitch her to newbie Redditor "AAABBBp12" through chat (after seven or so hours on standby).
  • A little past midnight/original press time, I weighed in on some certain recent goings-on in the Supreme Court after Bay News 9 reported on them:

Moral of the story: You can't always please everyone—not even on a hot-button issue like this one.

Owing to what's in the rest of this dispatch, we'll save the matter for another time. Asked on my position, "I remain neutral"—and so has the rest of Rogatia.

Last but not least, a random bonus from the feed in blue. This one goes out to every Ratchet & Clank fan out there; from the latest game, here's Rivet the Lombax in her natural habitat. (Via a recent Maple Town tweeter whose name has recently escaped me; I'll thank you along in a future edit.)

And that wraps it up right here, folks. In time to come, the pre-form FTAs are up for retrofitting—because if I didn't announce it here, it wouldn't be on my tasklist. Also, stay tuned as I finish up that marathon, take care of more morphemes, scribble some Dixwell story notes, await extra laptop money, and what-have-you.

Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, benparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

P.S. New MediaWiki version (1.38.1), new version of the Vector skin. (Which does not bode well for the previously compatible background gradients on select namespaces...)

Onward and upward...

--Routhwick (talk)


Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

Bluey (c) Ludo Studio. Distributed by BBC Studios.

Rift Apart (c) Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment.


  1. ^ As PayPal couldn't recognise said number, I had to turn to Mom to undo an outstanding login lock.
  2. ^ Hey, they actually rhyme!
  3. ^ Alas, subscription- or local library-only these days.
  4. ^ The tiger cub mascot's canonical birthday.
  5. ^ Promo announcement design by Britanny Nunez.
  6. ^ Coincidentally, Bogdanovich also directed an unrelated 1976 film by that name.
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