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Originally published on: 2022-06-29, 03:56
Updated: 2022-12-29, 13:37
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...and we still haven't caught a good break. For me, it was just another ordinary Tuesday:

  • Overnighted with the June 2017 morpheme backlog from Referata RFM;
  • stayed up awaiting (and pitching at) an r/furry stalwart's request thread after 8:30 this morning;
  • barely got enough sleep before today's babysitting drive (from three in the afternoon till half past nine at night);
  • faced the wrath of my rambunctious niblings during the shift;
  • became distracted on all sides trying to handle their food and the kitchen/counter;
  • and smiled a bit inside once their devices got revoked for an undetermined period of time, the likes of which I anticipated while cleaning the dishes during six. (Imagine how relatively quiet the upstairs loft was after their mother talked to them about their behaviour.)

TL/DR: We had it rather chaotic, and I wish our other anniversary day went much better.

But on the bright side, that very pitch of mine—to one "Mediocre-Mare"—was first in line. (I learned my lesson after last time's attempt went nowhere; the Mare's offers are first-come, first-serve to the first five commenters.) Despite simultaneously pitching Sam, Alfred, and Nomena—as well as hinting at two new OC concepts (Fanilosa the black squirrel included)—they're sticking with Sam. (Meaning the rodent ladies will have to wait their turn.) Which is just as well, because Unspooled in story form could sure use a character-logo header one of these days—in fact, it would go really great with Volume 2 (the one where Sam visits Marie-Galante; Volume 1 concerns Alfred and Maurice celebrating Agatha's eleventieth in Carriacou). Tune in for the final result at you-know-where, then over here at Miraheze. Don't miss it!

As I reminded those lucky enough to catch my feed late last Saturday: What started out as "#WhatLiesAground" on the late but great Google+ has now turned ten today. Thousands of posts await ingestion from the Takeout backup, a process once intended for a best-of WordPress site but now FTA-bound—the sooner a brand-new replacement laptop comes our way. (With a repitched anthro-commission line plus a Patreon tip jar, a little extra money sure could go a long way.)

To celebrate this milestone, a reprint of where it all began on June 28, 2012. (Fetched from what is now KBoards, which became a subsidiary of Toronto-based VerticalScope a few years back. Given their copyright claims on the forum contents, don't expect me to come back; see you on Writer Sanctum once my literary career takes off.)

Little Miss Marple Is Taking a Vacation

...or, why you won't hear much about Book One of The Sevton Saga until everything's sorted out. (Progress on franchise's SketchUp models not affected.)

For those following me on deviantArt, I previously announced that Castle, the second "Sesta" (installment) in Lucky Guess, would go on sale at Amazon's Kindle Store early next month. Judging by what I've observed on the Boards, and thanks to ongoing personal woes and commitments which have prevented me from progressing further, I have arrived at this definite conclusion:

It won't happen as planned.​

There. I've said it. I've weeded out a Plant out of Stephen King's hat. But fear not, fellows—I'll be back after August 17th. And whatever happens, I'll deliver an entire novel and not a bunch of bite-sized portions. Worked with Yesterday's Gone—but not for me, sorry.

Gambit, the opener for what I hoped would become a successful venture (but didn't turn out as I expected), will remain at Amazon until the entire novel ever gets completed. After my Select trial ends, I'll move it over to fluffyseme and see what happens. At this typing, the next part has been stuck on its first several sentences. The rest of you may forget my baptism by fire ever happened at all....

So, with that said, I'm moving on to something far better and more challenging: the development of my upcoming NaNoWriMo challenge. Only less than five months away, but I've got a feeling this will work out for the better.

As part of the development scheme, I'm turning my G+ profile into a making-of journal—a matter of minutes from now. Remember when Robert Zemeckis suspended production of Cast Away for a few months to make What Lies Beneath (while main star Tom Hanks grew a beard to match his role in the former)? Right now, I am taking a similar path—suspending development of Sevton to make way for my next ambitious project.

Code name: #WhatLiesAground. First clue as to the real title: Newport News, Virginia. (Which I gave out first to someone who lives with us; expect more of those sproadically as time rolls on.)

Well, off to my profile. See you around and wish me luck on my new endeavour!

(NB: Whatever I do, I still won't be leaving this board—or my preferred hangouts—anytime soon.)

The American Star in 2004; this was once a Featured picture in Wikipedia's earliest days.

That project candidate, concerning a chowder of cats aboard the wreck of the SS American Star (in the Canary Islands' Fuenteventura), never took off—for which you can thank its unconvincing workprint-soundtrack lineup at Grooveshark. By August, it was replaced by the adventures of a Dominican-born Guadeloupe raccoon and his friends—and by November, the rest was history.

Pity public G+ closed its doors in April 2019, by which time we had already moved—both online (on Steemit) and off (Dover, Florida). Ever since, Google's social-media commitments have all but fizzled out; COVID-19 tripped over outdoor-oriented successor Shoelace (which never left its New York City test run), while G+ itself became workspace-only Currents. (Now on the verge of a retool to Spaces.)

A real shame nearly all of whom I hung out with on that platform have since gone their separate ways and moved to other services. Many took to the competition at Facebook and Twitter; some jumped to MeWe; and yours truly took advantage of his Reddit auxiliary. Wherever you are, however you carry on, I'd like to of life, happy days ahead, and keep safe.

For now, this is your fellow Captain speaking. So long...and may the stories begin.

To our next ten years...

--Routhwick (talk)


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