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Originally published on: 2022-02-22, 08:46
Updated: 2022-08-06, 13:48
Shortcut: FTA:20220222

...before it's too late. (Apologies if what follows below is a bit first-draft; too much "info-loading" and marathoning over the past several weeks, too much downtime on this wiki [especially re: RFM], and a ton of worries over a reintroduced EARN IT Act [which any sane government would think more than twice over before even passing; any wonder Rogatia left politics years ago?].)

  • 12/2, after 3:00 p.m.: Thanks to my younger sister (who set it up for me in the first place), I began a new bank account--this time with Capital One. (I tried my luck with TD Bank sometime during 2012-14, but the credentials eventually went up in smoke.) And if only for the sake of a brand-new replacement laptop, my funding struggles over which have been touched upon elsewhere. (I'm getting paid a pittance by the week as I look after my niblings while she works part-time at Macy's.)
  • 12/2, around 5:00-7:00 p.m.: Thanks to a brief rendezvous with Wikipedia Library membership, I managed to introduce references to Benesse's Shimajiro franchise in that company's article--only for those credentials to evaporate some time later. Win some, lose some. (Speaking of real libraries, I have an overdue, scanned-for-Wikisource volume to return to Brandon any time soon; my card's been long frozen because of the hold-up.)
  • Afternoons of 13/2 & 20/2: COVID-19, then as now, has never cared whether your loved ones--or royal subjects--are infected.
Last Sunday, approaching four, my female superior gave word that my father, back home in Dominica, caught COVID-19 some time ago; he had been in treatment for ten days at the time. How he got it, I have yet to find out.
Exactly a week later, the Queen's case hit the headlines--God save her now! (More on that in our next FTA.)
  • 19/2, around 3:00 p.m.: With said Capital One account, I moved over from cash remittances to digital payouts via Zeely. After a test run with $1.00, the sister went ahead with the rest of this week's $20.00 earnings. At this rate, expect a brand-new 128 GB laptop anytime by June or July--assuming everything goes well enough. (Because the spare one from ages before has bricked out on its 32 GB limits--so much for budget systems, considering recent Windows installation packages measure that much--and because my map and SketchUp model projects depend so much on a replacement.)

In other news:

  • Tonight, we managed our first Dixwell character profiles in some five months, as we dealt with Cantabrica's descendants. In time to come, a profile on Nomena; more on the 19th-century children of the Belcourt brothers and Lavinier sisters; and support for family trees in the {{Character box}}. (Not to mention a return to the Scratchpad in a matter of days.)
    • Overdue addendum, 20/5: As long promised, a requested highlight by "G_L_I_C_H_" (from back in early February). And yes, that's Sam's shirt sporting his mother's legacy symbol, the Cross of Lorraine; meanwhile, Nomena is wearing "some placeholder clothes" according to the original artist. (Design-wise, at least things will improve sooner or later.)
Sam, Alfred, (by r/G_L_I_C_H_, 2/7/2022)
  • I also have half a mind to get our next five keyword pages going before this weekend, just so that this scheme doesn't get left behind as a one-shot expieriment.
  • Also by then, we'll see about straightening out the FTA system (and taking care of the redlinked material in our previous posts). Upstream, we are missing the "Edit with form" tab on top in desktop mode, although I did everything right; waiting on Yaron Koren to rectify this bug (plus an apparent DNS holdup that sent Referata offline on January 25).
  • As far as our marathon's concerned, Disney+ returned without a word last Saturday--for which you can thank that sister. (Stay tuned for our recent picks up to leg #8.)
  • I still owe "Jae3ird" one half of an art trade. (Which I'll get to any day before the end of March.)

For family-matinée trivia points, troper "chasemaddigan" reminds us that Scrat is nowhere to be found in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (a recently premiered Disney+ spinoff special). Disney no longer holds the rights to the now-closed Blue Sky Studios' saber-toothed squirrel mascot; one Ivy Silberstein does. (The original 20th Century Fox once co-owned the character under a special arrangement.)

Leaving you, as usual, with a Shimajiro bonus from the feed in blue, involving the "Sports Day" special that entered our Paradise queue early this month. (Made by the Directions studio, and originally released by Benesse in August 2013;[1] updated in October 2016 for YouTube.) This, folks, is how I wish the WOW! era was animated instead of the cel-shaded approach from the Answer Studio that Benesse adopted in 2012--and it very much shows.

In case you're wondering, WOW! hit the 500-episode mark last Christmas Day on the TX Network, and last month as a YT weekly.[2] You should've been there for that milestone--bonus points for the animated story's closing shot of Challenge Island from above, as well as a special re-orchestration of the "Paradise" jingle for the "Classical Music with Shimajiro" segment!

And from here, you know the rest of the story: Unspooled is still in the works, we'll deal with another marathon leg (and another obligatory post-attraction Shimajiro weekly) this Tuesday, and a vaccination is coming soon. (That, and our first scrobbles of the year—after the Jukebox Docket gets set up.)

Until then, take care, stay connected, keep exploring, benparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

Onward and upward...

Routhwick (talk) 08:46, 22 February 2022 (UTC)


Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.


  1. ^ Thankfully for us in the West, this import is all-region NTSC.
  2. ^ Episode title: "とどけ プレゼント" ("Todoke Presento"; English: "Delivering Gifts").
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