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Originally published on: 2022-11-29, 23:00
Updated: 2022-12-15, 10:53
Shortcut: FTA:20221129 that our long-awaited Dell Inspiron laptop, originally slated to arrive at eight tonight, is finally in our hands. The wait has remained so long, the anticipation (to borrow an old-as-the-hills idiom) has almost killed me mentally. Finally!

As a quick aside: Rarely can I afford the time for brand-new, daily consecutive editions of this feature post-Google+ (discounting the time our final few posts from the Steemit era became "The Lost Five" on a year and a half back). To borrow another old-as-the-hills idiom: Once in a blue moon.

First thing's first: Today marks ten years since the original Dixwell Dossier was launched at Referata, a while after yours truly "won" NaNoWriMo with its 105,000-word Marigot Magic manuscript (now that I've doublechecked the official tally in that movement's archives). What better way to commemorate than unveil the titles of all six tentative volumes—just as I promised last time here and on Reddit some time ago. (Always Wanted to Do ThatTM—ever since the twilight era of G+, even.)







And should this enterprise take off for good, we'll bring in a seventh, after-show story: Unfinished. (Which is all you need to know about the Dixwell Saga's current development status.)

While we're on the subject of Unspooled:

  • 15 months of radio silence later? Make that 16 now. We wanted to get the tenth overall volume of Reflections up and running by November's end, but effectively put if off until sometime in December due to the aforementioned laptop commitments, plus the fact that the Adanson Jukebox's infrastructure is still a work in progress. Coming soon from Kino Lorber and the Panama City team, the start of a soft-reboot series with RFB01.
  • Another resource we'll look into as we review Volume I's outline: "How to Write a 1-Page Synopsis", an oldie but goodie from PubCrawl's Susan Dennard.
  • As for the fanworks, saying hi to "clarafang"; below constitutes the first upload done through our new Dell. Nomena looks charming, cute, and adorable as ever!
By Clara Fang, 28/11/2022; CC0/Kopimi
By Clara Fang, 28/11/2022; CC0/Kopimi

As my older sister reminded me a little before 3:09 p.m. while this post was being prepared: "You're a working adult now." She was referring to my mandatory participation in this year's edition of our family's Secret Santa exchange. (For those out of the loop, participants are offered a list of relative names, and whomever they choose, they must buy a gift for the latter.) And just when my Capital One reserves are on the verge of depletion thanks to those newfound tech commitments; we'll all work things out as gift time approaches.

3:38 p.m.: The UPS truck arrived by our door, the younger sister reminded me. Just seconds before dropping off the older sister to work, she brought in a rectangular cardboard box, 32' × 2 11/16' × 14' in dimension, unmarked save for a couple of red four-digit numbers and address/shipping labels. To quote the nephew the moment this came to pass, and a couple of moments after: "It's here!" So as not to spoil the surprise, I told the niece not to cut the tape until her mother came back.

4:07–4:09: I decided to do the tape-cutting honours myself, top side facing me. Lo and's our long-awaited Dell Inspiron for real! Setting it up after this goes to press—but mark my words, we're moving (right back) to Windows 10 after we get the official Microsoft key.

A little before 4:21: Gave the younger sister a hug—"as thanks for helping me on that laptop," I told her. (First time in the pandemic era, too.)

On a related note: Yesterday was Cyber Monday. But what else does it even matter?

Speaking of technology, Miraheze is still working hard to recover whatever data they hopefully can from db141. Devoting the bulk of next edition's real estate to the matter at hand; to those affected, be lucky my site (or my workflow) wasn't. (Or else I'd have to take to Wikisource—my wiki "home away from home"—all over again...)

As a reminder, we're moving full speed ahead soon with a rebuild of Rogatia after we see about W10. In Bulwark news:

  • Look out for a new "Tutorial" namespace (ID 3048) serving our rebuild needs, the likes of which I once drafted out on paper for years—once the issues in T9977 get sorted out. (That's where you'll also find my anthro step-by-steps, since I'm self-taught in this discipline. "Jae3ird", I still owe you my half of an art trade for this.)
  • As extra cartographic cold comfort-turned-influences: A large-scale excerpt of urban Venezuela whose stylesheet I'll take cues from in due course, and Naipal and Kroonenberg (2016):Fig. 2, a geology map of Suriname from the December 2016 edition of Netherlands Journal of Geosciences (via the open-access section of Cambridge's Core service).
  • And in entertainment news: Shimajiro has already become extremely profitable for WildBrain Caribbean, thanks largely to the regional tie-in Miracle Doughnuts chain—and understandably, at the expense of the dozens of other properties they manage. To lighten the load, they've sold off two catalogue packages' Caribbean rights to LCI the moment this goes to press: Toonz Entertainment, featuring the works of Barcelona outfit Accio (chief among them 10 + 2/Deu mes dos and Cher Ami),[1] and all films, books, and shows based on the Care Bears. Both were carryovers from the Skouras days; once Shimajiro started getting really popular in the early months of COVID-19, WildBrain increasingly saw Tenderheart and the gang as treacly, sugarcoated, and rather outmoded in comparison.
This move is part of a library-management restructuring wherein WildBrain has also granted SDS a long-term license to distribute its less lucrative and/or more obscure titles on TV and home media,[2] while holding on to its top-priority/legacy offerings: Inspector Gadget, The Littles, The Busy World of Richard Scarry,[3] FilmFair's Paddington, Arthur, Caillou, Zooboomafoo, The Adventures of Tintin, Little Bear, Timothy Goes to School, The Edison Twins, Blinky Bill, Letterkenny, PBS Kids (non-Sesame Workshop/Fred Rogers material), and titles licensed through their Watashi animé division (Shimajiro, Hamtaro, and the Nippon Animation archives included).
  • Not only that: Once Russia started invading Ukraine, WildBrain had little choice but to wash their hands clean of the Soyuzmultfilm library (another Skouras relic) and give it to Upland in April 2022. (That said, WildBrain is free to use the Soyuz characters in their annual Christmas murals until 2025; more on that tradition next edition.)

Finally, two recent Shimajiro tweets which will resonate with old-school Kodomo Challenge fans and former participants; my next two-hour YouTube rendezvous is next Monday ended up being on December 14 at 8:00 p.m.. (In #1, the depicted tie-in is dated March 2011, a year before Ramurin and her family left Challenge Island for France and Nikki's took their place.)

A reminder to any football/soccer/sports fans coming by: The 2022 FIFA World Cup is currently running in Qatar. (But who in the Bulwark is even paying attention? For all it's worth, Stride is carrying the games on cable by way of the Fox Corporation family of networks.[4])

Due to interference between MediaWiki:Edittools and the Form-namespace infrastructure as of late (T9882—reported to both Yaron Koren and Phabricator; further investigation/diagnosis pending), recent editions of FTA have been composed on the traditional MW editbox until further notice. Once this bug is resolved, I'll remind you right here.

And that wraps it up right here, folks; be there soon as I take care of the agenda and the maps, see about my side of an art trade, and try to get my PayPal credentials going—if only to cut as many ties with them as I can per my superior's insistence. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, tapal, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

All right, folks. Let's start it up! (But not before an OED review.)

P.S. I'm finally getting my shots soon—a year late. See you after my mandatory rest.

Remembering Elizabeth II; in solidarity with those affected by Ian and Nicole.

To our next ten years...

Routhwick (talk)


Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

Luigi from Mario Bros. (c) Nintendo.


  1. ^ Via predecessor Imiro Entertainment's late July 2013 acquisition; the Indian-based Toonz would acquire Imira itself the following October.
  2. ^ Cf. a similar deal made between HIT Entertainment (now Mattel Productions) and Universal Studios in the mid-2010s.
  3. ^ Nicknamed Busytown by viewers/fans alike across the Shires.
  4. ^ The remaining outlets are now with Disney through 20th Century Studios.
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