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Originally published on: 2022-08-12, 15:17
Updated: 2022-08-14, 10:24
Shortcut: FTA:20220812

After a 1948/49 short story by Truman Capote and its 2002 film adaptation—the latter which I clearly recall seeing on Showtime's FLiX sometime during the mid-2010s.

TL/DR: One of the very rare posts that gives Daily Mail articles a run for their money. (With regards to image count, not necessarily writing quality.)

Happy August, folks. I turned 36 twelve days ago! (Once again, twice the legal age.)

Yours truly is now fresh off my third "night flight" of the season as I start typing this (ca. before 6:20 a.m.). The flights, however, are now limited to six hours' maximum (from 10 p.m. till four in the overnight)—and only on most of my sister's off-days. Stay tuned for the logs (and a template for them), but for now, we only have time for the so-called "in-flight" attractions:[1]

Next time around, Tom Sawyer. Finally!

...Scratch that. Replacing with Midnight's Children (2012) next we meet, thanks to recent news (via Wikipedia's front page) that original author Salman Rushdie was critically stabbed yesterday (12/8) in Chautauqua, New York. (This contributor expresses condolences in advance should he die soon; controversial or not, Rushdie has remained one of the defining figures of late 20th-century literature.) Meaning that, out of respect, we'll have to employ the Grave of the Fireflies/My Neighbor Totoro strategy[3] and settle for Shimajiro way later in the overnight portion. Once again, yours truly can never catch a break...[4]

And now, first things first: My birthday was practically a non-event because I was concentrating on my site upkeep and Redditing, in my own quarters, behind my superior's back. (They thought I had slept the whole day away, but the contrary actually proved true.) Hence, no birthday cake—which I'll remind them of some time later. No presents this time either—just a simple card from my St. Petersburg uncle days in advance.

Next up: Development of Unspooled, I am happy to report, has already resumed in earnest since August 1. Thus far, it's biased towards Oxford's Words of the Day—to the point where I might as well move the definitions to a dedicated Scratchpad subpage in a matter of days. Don't worry—I'll try my best at a delayed 250-word sample I'll test out at NovelAI and Talk to Transformer.

As promised last time, the latest fan art featuring the Dixwells and company. (Thanks to the Redditors who contributed!)

Samson Alfred
By "Mediocre-Mare" By "matejm999"
By "Jaaaaji" By "Joypm11"
By "A_person995" By "WooferArt"

And now it's finally official: Sam and Alfie are bisexual—even helps they make out with each other first cousins. (As if the clues in their character-profile notes weren't indication enough already.) Proof of evidence, thanks to "sleepywasshere" (whom I revealed that orientation to at 5:36 this morning).

By "sleepywasshere", 12/8/2022; CC0/Kopimi
By "sleepywasshere", 12/8/2022; CC0/Kopimi

A small shame we're a couple of months late for this, but then again...

As far as site development: AutoCreatePage has been deployed during the preparation of this edition as an experiment, just to get the FTA redirects done faster. (I'll let you know how well it works—after I file a namespace-compatibility request at Phabricator. [Note that it's marked as "unstable" at this writing; if it gets retired on account of that alone...])

Next up, this month's consolidation news:

  • In the weeks ahead, Cox Enterprises is taking over Axios for US$525 million. As it relates to Rogatia in-universe: Axios, known for its bite-sized takes on current events, operates an in-name-only Caribbean branch that focuses and prides itself on long-form reports. That branch started out in July 2011 as the 24-hour news outlet of Rogatian national broadcaster HCP, originating on ATSC 27.1 as ZHCN and broadcast on cable throughout the region. HCP News traded dial positions—but not the calls—with flagship general-entertainment station ZHCP on 3.1 in late June 2019 after an Article 13-induced simulcast stunt.
The HCP service, formerly a government O&O since 1964, was privatised by a Barbados-based shell company in 2013. It took on the name of Rogatia Media Partners not long after, and rebranded as Aquarius Media by the late 2010s. With COVID-19 came a new business model for Aquarius—health consultancy—so it sold the entertainment outlets to national cable operator Stride and the news channel to Axios in November 2020. In anticipation of their new owners, the stations quietly changed their respective calls to ZHSR (after replacing a one-hour timeshift feed on 21.1) and ZHXN some days beforehand.
The regional feed of Axios Antilles, as it is now legally known, will no longer air the parent Rogatian feed full-time. Starting September 19, Cox is furthering their current emphasis by giving cable partners several hours to program/relay local news.

From the Techdirt Insider feed as of late:

"This is one reason why: article
"It's a Netflix-esque error of judgment.
"To quote someone from whence I got this news: > 'Yeah, AT&T was mostly incompetent with media and some good stuff survived and snuck through despite them. Discovery seems to be very competent at killing everything they bought.'
@KBode: "[O]n the plus side, in the streaming era it's more likely some other platform could pick it up. But AT&T still killed a lot of popular things (DC's Vertigo imprint, Mad Magazine) while bringing us gems like Fboy Island."
Samuel Abram: "I really hope you’re right about some other entity picking it up."
KBode: "[W]e'll see. people waited a decade for firefly to be picked up and it never happened. Time to start writing letters to streaming platforms I guess."


  • On Wednesday, the first half of Bluey series 3[5] landed on Disney+ in the U.S., Canada, UK, and elsewhere. All but one episode out of 26[6] is accounted for, and even then, some of them are edited for content to retain the TV-Y rating.[7]
  • Yesterday afternoon, my nephew got glasses; he now looks like a 1960s New Yorker with then on. (I was struggling to come up with a better description when his mother introduced me to then.)

If you are diabetic, then please skip this section:[4]

As we wind down this writeup, a smorgasbord of Shimajiro extras:

  • This is as intimate as it gets on this feed when it comes to the tiger-cub mascot's mom, Sakura Shimano. (I'll leave it up to you responsible adults to hunt down the rest.)
  • As seen on Wednesday's edition of our Paradise package. (From what WildBrain calls "A Day in My Life", which acts so much like a pilot that I programmed it as the first de jure English episode this season. In which Mimi-Lynne gushes over her own popstar/idol ambitions; sorry for the potato quality here.)[8]
  • You'll never see the classic 1993–2008 era in such high quality...unless you've bought WildBrain's Region 1 sets of the first two 65-episode collections as a Caribbean customer in-universe. (Volume 2, "Adventures on Challenge Island", débuted this Tuesday en route to first term in September; Volume 3, comprising stories #131–260, is slated for Christmas.)[8][11]
  • Proof that Shimajiro-tachi were game-show contestants once (at least in the early 2000s Kodomo Challenge tapes)—before A24 and WildBrain paired him up against Western contemporary Daniel Tiger in the Sevton/Rogatia mythos.[12]
  • For those who missed it this northern spring, more from the premiere blitz for the 2022 movie:[12]
  • And since it was my birthday recently, too: A Crossover in the Hood, featuring characters from two Nintendo franchises you may or may not have heard of yet. (Miss Shikako, the deer on the right, never got any curvier.) Don't miss this in my Reddit relays tomorrow morning.
  • Extra note re: last night's Qiao Hu[13] bonus on Paradise: A flashback in the first few minutes of what this contributor calls "Adventures in Toyland" reveals that Tommy, Shimajiro's cousin pre-1998, had a mother who was mentioned, but never seen (apart from her hand) or named.[14] The series, sadly, had long done away with both by the time of the family reunion in WOW!'s "So Many of Us".[15]

While we're on the subject of animé properties: Your first of several occasional reminders that Studio Ghibli also tweets.[16]

In other news: Attack of the 50 ft Kitty. Details at 11![8]

And that wraps it up right here, folks; be there soon as I redesign the welcome page (starting next Monday), launch the Jukebox Docket, import the remainder of my Tovasala morpheme tables, see about my side of an art trade, and try to get my PayPal credentials going. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, benparl, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

Wishing you another ten years...

Routhwick (talk)


Care Bears brand and characters (c) Cloudco.

Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

Kirby (c) HAL Laboratory/Nintendo.

Splatoon (c) Nintendo. Created by Hisashi Nogami.


  1. ^ Program times, which are not reflective of how much later the films began—just like modern U.S. theatres.
  2. ^ a b Coincidentally, both were perennial hit movies for Paramount.
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  5. ^ Australia occasionally airs seasons in line with the States, but Wikipedia and the official blog insist otherwise with this rare exception.
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  7. ^ Earlier "printings" of this writeup argued over whether BBC Studios or Disney's Standards and Practices were to blame. Turns out it was the latter, as "AnythingAlfred613" pointed out on the overnight of August 14:

    As many of you are aware, the episode Family Meeting was missing off of Disney+ when S3P1 went up the other day. And after the news site Pirates and Princesses made an article about it, someone from Disney Branded Television sent them an email about it, and here’s what they said:

    “‘Family Meeting’ will roll out on U.S. platforms soon. Some of the ‘Bluey’ content did not meet Disney Junior broadcast S&P in place at the time the series was acquired. Now that it is rolling out on other platforms, it is a great opportunity to reevaluate which is what we plan to do.”

    So yeah. It looks like we were right about Disney not liking the farting in people’s faces. Or pony pooping. Or grown men pretending to give birth to their daughter. But it looks like they’re willing to change their minds about all that…or not. It could just be standard PR response. But I suppose we just have to wait and see.

    (P.S.: Don’t get your hopes up about Family Meeting coming “soon”. For all we know, it won’t happen until S3P2 goes up.)

    Or the next Region 1 set, even.

    Never thought we'd ever include that other "F-word" anywhere, but here you go.

    "AnythingAlfred613" is to this show's fandom what Jerry Beck is to American animation.

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