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Originally published on: 2022-11-28, 14:43
Updated: 2022-12-01, 21:42
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Once again, you might as well pretend. And once again, thanks to interference between MediaWiki:Edittools and the Form-namespace infrastructure as of late (T9882—reported to both Yaron Koren and Phabricator; further investigation/diagnosis pending), this edition of FTA must make do with the traditional MW editbox. Maybe by next time, this may be resolved?

"Tomorrow...we start anew." The exact words from yours truly at 5:59 a.m., a minute before I settled down to type out this edition.

After nine months of babysitting—and a long Thanksgiving stint last Wednesday–Friday—the wait for a brand-new laptop is almost over: A brand-new Dell Inspiron 3511, with 16 GB of memory, 512 GB of storage, and an Intel Core i5 processor (the latter at my superior's insistence), is coming to our doorstep anytime tomorrow—straight from an Amazon seller. (Bought 27 minutes after midnight on Black Friday; registered on my Capital One eight minutes later; will be delivered under my younger sister's name [the result of clerical oversight].) Last Monday, though, that very wait still seemed very long–an eternity, it almost seemed to me—and a feeling that lingered on and off the closer to the delivery date we got. (To the point where I've been recently researching all manner of cartographic, geographic, and geological matter through Google—especially this overnight; details in the next section.)

A couple of money-saving candidates stood out before I made my final decision: Compared to our build's ~US$610.60 (after taxes), there was another Inspiron on sale for a little more than $500, as well as a budget-priced alternative from an up-and-coming brand called SGIN. But the former carried Core i3—which the superior felt was inferior to the higher-end variant—and the latter would take a tad too long for delivery (read: by the start of December).

From here, all that matters is testing out Windows 11 (loathed and not ready for primetime as it may be), switching to 10 once I get Microsoft's official key, and getting back to (re)designing Rogatia the sooner I can. Goodbye, space-challenged HP brick...

Leading to our last bits of cartographic cold comfort:

North Side of 1948 Geological Survey Map
South Side of 1948 Geological Survey Map
Where can I obtain international mapping produced by Ordnance Survey?
Ordnance Survey supplied international mapping until March 2003, after which this service was handed to Omni Resources. We now focus exclusively on mapping for Great Britain: England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is mapped by Land & Property Services, a public sector Executive Agency in Northern Ireland.
Can I obtain original overseas mapping produced by Ordnance Survey prior to March 2003?
Although we used to produce and support overseas maps, they are no longer available from us directly. Our International Library closed in March 2003 and Omni Resources now hold any remaining stocks.
I am aware that Ordnance Survey produces an Isle of Man map in the OS Landranger Map series; can I obtain this from Ordnance Survey in an Explorer format?
Unfortunately, at this time Ordnance Survey have no plans to increase our range of OS Explorer Maps with coverage of the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man has its own mapping agency. If you would like to purchase an Isle of Man map at a different scale than the OS Landranger Map, you should contact [the territory's Office of Planning or their Tourism Board].
Can I obtain mapping of the Channel Islands from Ordnance Survey?
Ordnance Survey [no longer produces] mapping for the Channel Islands, as they have their own national mapping agencies.
  • As for house numbering in you-know-where (along with any large-scale work), this 2012 cadastral extract from Barbados' Lands and Surveys Department—found two nights ago via extended Google image results for "Barbados 1:50,000"—shall serve as a guide. (In Rogatia, the nearest metre in thoroughfare distance to a land parcel's centroid is automatically assigned as the building number. Regardless of traffic direction, thoroughfare ranges go from west to east, and from the coast [or as close as possible] or an adjoining road to the inland.)

    • Following in the footsteps of America, Canada, and mother country Britain, Rogatia became the first English-speaking Caribbean territory with a postcode system, a year before its 1973 independence. Formatted as P# ###-##, it follows the country's administrative boundaries to a tee, and proves far more logical and straightforward than its forebears. The "P" indicates one of its provinces (S = Shropshire; E = Elmshire; Y = Yorkshire); the first number, one of their respective parishes; the second, a district; the next two, a commune; and the last two, the postal sector (each with its own office or depot). As an example, S1 101-01 (the first ID in the system) is situated in the San Pablo/"Old Town" neighbourhood of Trouvaille's CBD. Further details, and the Rogatiapedia rundown, in the weeks ahead.
    • Since we're moving up to a bigger (and tentatively better) system ourselves, the DEMs for our mapwork will become slightly larger. This is where SpriteSheet (or at least the Miraheze-maintained version) should come in handy—and not just for the mandatory sheet divisions. (I've tried searching high and low for a working example on Miraheze; my implementation may as well be the first demonstratable one any week from now.)

    In news from the Bulwark itself:

    • At the moment this goes to press, LCI Entertainment has struck a deal to sell its long-venerable indoor cinema operations to MovieTowne, an emerging outlet operating in nearby Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. (The more recent drive-in outlets bearing their brand will remain under management by local community franchisees.)
    LCI started out in 1968 as the Leidersville Plaza in Byahaut, which remains as their headquarters; over time, it expanded across the Shires and became Leidersville Cinemas Inc. by the early 1980s. Following in Open Road's footsteps, it established a film distribution division in 2014—a move that turned out well enough for the firm after COVID-19 affected wide swaths of the entertainment industry. Come this January, LCI will assume the Caribbean rights to the MGM library (taking over from Disney-ABC), as well as launch the Freevee channel (on ZHFV-DT 22.1; formerly ZHST/Astride) and the premium Prime tie-in (substituting EPiX/MGM+)—all of behalf of new owner Amazon.
    • Meanwhile, Rogatia's next two features—stop-motion Mindspell and 2D-animated Bellflowers to the Rescue!—were postponed to 2023 late last month, the former out of respect for the similar-looking Wendell & Wild on Netflix.

    Speaking of movies...

    • they were my only way to cope with the long, long hours between me and the niblings last week—that and the contractually obligated Shimajiro block. If you thought Thanksgiving Eve's lineup was decent enough...[1]
    then wait till you discover what Black Friday had in store:
    ...with the two Bluey Christmas episodes (2:15 a.m. on Saturday overnight), and a general Daniel Tiger episode for a bookend (2:33–3:03), rounding off the package.[2] Now let's see about our next two late-night flings (under a new brand) before this year's over...

    Hey guys,

    As you know, cult filmmaker Albert Pyun passed away yesterday. He was my very good friend and neighbor. I was there when he took his last breath with his wife Cynthia and their son Chris at his side. He was in a lot of pain for many years and I am very happy he is no longer suffering. Albert was the kindest and most generous person I have ever known. He and his wife personally helped me move from Chicago to Las Vegas and I considered them to be my "Vegas Parents."

    One of Albert's dying wishes was to have his second movie, the 1986 film "Radioactive Dreams," remastered for a potential release. His wife has been in contact with some people who can make this happen, but there is a snag... the 35mm film print was improperly stored and lost. I have contacted the film's producer (Tom Karnowski) and the film's cinematographer (Chuck Minsky) and both only have the original pan & scan version on VHS. Albert wanted a proper widescreen release.

    Alamo Drafthouse screen Radioactive Dreams a few years back, and I have sent their twitter handles messages but have no received a response.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated as I want to fulfill my friend's dying wish. You can also get in touch with his wife, Cynthia Curnan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

    To which Sam, Alfred, and Uncle Matthew can strongly relate. Read more on their quest for 1930's Ironstone when Unspooled gets finalised (however soon that happens); titles for all six volumes to be unveiled in tomorrow's edition.

    Which brings us to this Discourse notice for those starting out on their NaNoWriMo journey forum-wise; I already ruled out my participation in 2022's event. (With that out of the way—after over a week's delay—I'll be back on the case with Unspooled's outline later on, starting with a "Goal-Motivation-Conflict" sketch for both Alfred and Maurice.)

    Welcome to NaNoWriMo — thanks for contributing!

    • Be kind to your fellow community members.
    • Does your reply improve the conversation?
    • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.

    For more, see our community guidelines. This panel will only appear for your first 2 posts.

    While we're on the subject of animal characters, that's me in tanuki form again, this time by "H00NEYMOON" at r/furry. Saving up some of my next $40 to get this taken off the sketch stage next year; beyond that, awaiting one more request with a Dixwell character before I attempt to strike out on my own (for at least once) at r/ICanDrawThat.

    By "H00NEYMOON", 22/11/2022; CC0/Kopimi
    By "H00NEYMOON", 22/11/2022; CC0/Kopimi

    Concluding, as per usual, with the obligatory Shimajiro recap. From the recent tweets, the same 1998—2004 intro Rogatia's Skouras used for at least 70% of the show's subtitled Caribbean run (during 2015–19): well as highlights from recent live-action WOW! segments.

    Not to mention a couple of official bonus bits from the Bluey team (in case you missed it during turkey and leftovers):

    And that wraps it up right here, folks; be there soon as I take care of the agenda and the maps, see about my side of an art trade, and try to get my PayPal credentials going—if only to cut as many ties with them as I can per my superior's insistence. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, tapal, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

    P.S. I'm finally getting my shots soon—a year late. See you after my mandatory rest.

    Remembering Elizabeth II; in solidarity with those affected by Ian and Nicole.

    To our next ten years...

    Routhwick (talk)


    Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

    Bluey (c) Ludo Studio. Distributed by BBC Studios.


    1. ^ All times p.m. Commercial-free on November 23rd (upstairs at our house); ad-sponsored (through The Roku Channel) on the 25th (downstairs because, at the time I started that portion, the niece didn't want to be left alone).
    2. ^ Honorable mention to a surprise run of 1977's The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh on D+ at 8:03 p.m. on the 27th, thanks to my younger sister—just so that her children could watch (as much as possible) before heading to bed early for school the following morning.
      Coincidentally, both Disney's Pooh and modern-day Shimajiro sport yellow fur and red shirts, and happen to be the merchandising mascots of their respective companies. Cf. red-cheeked Pikachu for The Pokémon Company/Nintendo/Creatures/Game Freak.
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