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Happy New Year, folks!
Of movies, marathons, milestones, and a bit more 2022-01-18, 07:24 New Year, Film, Tovasala, Shimajiro, Winnie-the-Pooh, Toei, Maple Town, Reddit, Bridge to Terebithia, Klasky-Csupo, Rogatia, Styx, NFTs, YouTube
Incoming milestone ashcan 2022-01-27, 04:55 PageForms, Wordle, Shimajiro
Some personal updates 2022-02-22, 08:46 Capital One, Babysitting, COVID-19, Unspooled, Ice Age, Shimajiro
Going across the pond
...and back to the anthros
Anniversary ashcan 2022-06-26, 03:52 Tovasala, Unspooled, Shimajiro, The Masked Singer, Bluey, Ratchet & Clank
One decade on... 2022-06-29, 03:56 Anniversaries, Google+, Babysitting
A midsummer night's agenda (plus plenty more) 2022-07-27, 08:36 Agenda, Site maintenance, Film, Furry fandom, Reddit, Rabbits, Cheerleading, Unspooled, Linguistics, Tovasala, Bluey, Dominica, Tampa Bay, Choco Taco, Shimajiro
Webmasters after their birthdays 2022-08-12, 15:17 Birthdays, Film, Salman Rushdie, Unspooled, Bisexuality, Axios, Rogatia, Crunchyroll, Cory Doctorow, Audible, Warner Bros. Discovery, Bluey, Care Bears, Shimajiro, Kirby, Splatoon, Studio Ghibli, Furry art
One crazy fortnight 2022-08-28, 23:58 COVID-19, Unspooled, Furry art, Cottagecore, Rabbits, LGBTQ+, Warner Bros. Discovery, Shimajiro
About to go places 2022-11-04, 13:29 Cartography, Rogatia, Tovasala, Windows, Dominica, Jerry's Map, Twitter, Agenda, Adventure Time, Unspooled, Snow leopards, Shimajiro
Four days before Thanksgiving 2022-11-20, 08:38 Furry, Dell, Laptops, Miraheze, Fandom Wikis, DreamWorks Dragons, Shimajiro, Hello Kitty
Welcome to Advent, folks. 2022-11-28, 14:43 Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Laptops, Dell, Rogatia, Cartography, Ordnance Survey, Geology, Postcodes, Film, Albert Pyun, Unspooled, NaNoWriMo, Furry, Tanukis, Shimajiro, Bluey
The tide has started to turn 2022-11-29, 23:00 Dell, Laptops, Unspooled, Mice, Rogatia, Cartography, WildBrain, Shimajiro, World Cup
On the state of db141 2022-11-30, 23:38 Miraheze, db141, Shimajiro
O.K., computer 2022-12-01, 07:23 Laptops, Dell, Microsoft, S mode, Shimajiro
Celebrating a five-day streak 2022-12-02, 23:08 Otters, Unspooled, Shimajiro
Post-Christmas recap 2022-12-28, 07:27 Christmas, Amazon, Alexa, Music, Unspooled, Rogatia, Animation, Anime, Shimajiro
End-of-year dispatch 2022-12-31, 11:47 New Year, Miraheze, db141, Animation, Plagiarism, TV Tropes, Reddit, Last.fm, Shimajiro