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Originally published on: 2023-08-22, 08:49
Updated: 2023-12-09, 18:58
Shortcut: FTA:20230822

Because, at the time of this edition's original publication, I have been all but consumed entirely by three things since the start of July:

  1. The zenith of a Wikipedia comeback, during which I amassed 2,650+ edits in the past seven weeks alone—a record!
  2. The usual babysitting duties, well after the younger sister and the niblings returned from Dominica on the 12th of last month. And most importantly...
  3. The inaugural phase of our large-scale mission across Rogatia, the Bulwark of the Atlantic—at long, long last!—albeit on QGIS 2.18 because 3.30 has a few shortcomings, chief among them the absence of the long-unmaintained CadTools. (Groundwork took place on July 30, practically unannounced; first bits of commune demarcation [for Santa Cruz, Yorkshire] during my 37th birthday; and road network of first commune, the seaside town of Ossett, carried on until August 5. At press time, the large-scale roads now extend as far as Hambleton in St. Francis' western district, Apollo; Granby Island follows in a day or two. Keep in mind, our hard work is currently limited to the environs of the Yorkshire Causeway—and supplemental work to just a few locally important thoroughfares. The likes of Weymouth and Trouvaille will have to wait a really good while this time.)

More on the Bulwark below here as we start what is effectively a living post until early October or so—uncertain future of Miraheze or no. (Apologies if the latter was partly responsible for our lack of activity on this domain for the past couple of months. If worse happens soon, we'll set sail for WikiTide—but not without a crucial backup of [almost] everything from our current era since October 2020's ByetHost tests.)

Because of the large-scale Rogatia (where our commitments strongly lie for now), about time we delved more into that fictional North Atlantic realm.

  • Did I mention we're working on the Yorkshire network at this point? As far as its commune gazetteer and street index are concerned, I had to create both out of an entirely new cloth. At least WP and OSM's coverage of Yorkshire and York and vicinity, plus a few tidbits from the former's randomiser and elsewhere, have been here where we needed them. As for the old paper-bound late-2000s attempt, I'll work its few toponyms into the Toussaint list once we work on R34 (the Argüello Highway)—which must unfortunately wait till next summer or so. Remember, we're working on each thoroughfare's entire stretch, one at a time, from top (3HY) to bottom (S133, Hambleton Boulevard). Not helped by the mere fact that Rogatia is almost 20,000 km² in area...
    • At press time, our "Road Network" SHP stands at 857 KB in size, bound to reach upwards of 3-6 MB once 3HY is a wrap.
  • Once we reach Elmshire, the real fun begins:
    • Our old commune list from back in the early 2010s, plus six or so years of Inkscape attempts starting in 2008, will save us some hassle. Of course, there'll be far more communes and roads than before, meaning we'll still have to turn to WP et al. to fill in the desperate gaps.
    • Not to mention, despite a successful DEM workflow from since last holiday season, we're bringing back those long-dreaded elevation nodes just to patch up a few bits and pieces across the Bulwark landscape; any further fixups with Wilbur might degrade it a bit, as I learned during a sandbox test some weeks ago. For starters, Yorkshire seat Maidenhall lies on three hills—Maidenhill (at the heart of central borough Whiterose), Kirkhill (just next door westward in Kirkhamgate suburb), and Bishophill (in the eponymous northern suburb)—which respectively rise at 127 m, 141 m, and 155 m AMSL. However, the current National DEM does not reflect those heights; the "Yorkscape" (as I've now coined it) seems rather drab and boring as a result. If all goes well, spending one of our last days in August on those readjustments; don't be surprised if we visit more areas as such in the months ahead.
  • As for the small-scale (1:1,000,000) counterpart, all the better if we finish it off by mid-September—just in case I manage to return to the Nature Island to show it to my grandmother before she dies. Once we do, tune in to this feed (and r/ImaginaryMaps + r/mapmaking, where I'll leave that new-and-improved design as a parting gift in the wake of RDT's API standoff).
  • Since our Bulwark geo-uploads are already way too ambitious for Miraheze, GitHub is where it's at (effective August 29); h/t now-departed-from-MH Universal Omega.

As for relevant cartographic extras from recent InPrivate tabs (part of the reason why I'm preparing this edition now is because I need to clear all that I can before it's too late—and besides, our laptop is on the verge of a system update anyway):

Thanks to all that geo-writeup, I am barely scratching the surface this first printing of all I really intend to write about. Fortunately, a scrapbook's lying around in my laptop's Documents folder, whose scribblings I'll work into our next edition as time goes by.

Turns out what follows below has since given the Daily Mail a run for their money—as well as the legacy of Littell's Living Age (which my feed resembles now and again), for that matter.

As for the family: Mom took a break from work over a week ago due to a COVID-19 infection. That now makes six of us, along with the niblings, older sister, grandmother, and real father from last year or so. As for where I stand, see the canned signoff.

On a related note: I'm sending this to press amid a sore throat (non-COVID, again) that has affected me since Sunday morning while working to improve a bit of RFM's infrastructure; details in the RFM bulletin, next couple of sections. (Began typing on Monday afternoon after twelve; broke off after 3:30 in favour of babysitting; finished up this inaugural printing at 4:11 a.m. the following overnight, not counting syntax/coding checks till quarter to five.)

What's more, my laptop needs some checkup because the left hinges cracked under pressure days ago (thanks to months of staying open for so long, it can't close at all by this point)—and the Galaxy Tab A we bought back in May is getting a protective case next week after a considerable delay. (After that, a hand vacuum.)

The other reason I took to this edition the sooner I could: Looks like we finally found our first real collaborator for Unspooled, one "CatrosCreativeCorner" of DeviantART by name. Paying him US$55 to get a draft going—let's make it a good one—right after we send this to press.

And speaking of Unspooled, have you met Sam's new girlfriend lately? To recap from last time: Age 24; 141 cm tall; lives in Blountstown, some dozen miles northeast of Panama City. And guess what, folks? Due to the current political climate in the Sunshine State, she's actually joining the rest of the KLPC gang—soon to receive a new brand—on their exit trip to Madiera. Stay tuned for the breeding on FA/IB soon; for now, I leave you with this introductory portrait by "MrS1mpl3" (uploaded through my new Galaxy Tab A yesterday afternoon, whose protective case I'll see about by next week; the laptop I'm preparing this on was pretty much occupied).

By "MrS1mpl3", 11/8/2023; CC0/Kopimi)
By "MrS1mpl3", 11/8/2023; CC0/Kopimi)

Some more pictorial ado of the Dixwell gang as of late:

As an added bonus, this site may be finally moving to a new icon by "LeoTheFloofyDragon", after the red tape on Wikimedia Commons and Reddit is finally settled. Watch this space for my tanuki avatar.

And fresh off today's upstream NPP (28/10), let's see what story (Write with|Talk to) Transformer (again, no relation to Hasbro) can craft out of this HBO documentary title: You Were My First Boyfriend (airs November 8), as would be spoken to Alfred by Linda.

As for DA, 10/9:

  • Good news for my C1 reserves! Someone representing my latest watcher, "Artbymackenzie", is offering me a hefty sum of money—which can't come soon enough because I'm subject to a pay cut for the next two months, effective this Wednesday. Even better: They're taking a chance on my tanuki avatar! (As the famous cereal slogan once went, "Life is full of surprises.") Watch this space for their interpretation (in full paint).
    • Bad news for my C1 reserves, it turned out later: I ended up receiving a bad check that I really didn't know was a bad check, and it didn't take long for C1 to catch wind of it.
      • Reminded younger sister/called C1 (with her assistance) on the afternoon of the 15th ("Your funds are currently not available for withdrawal", per account status on site and app);
      • received a stern talk from the superior (herself a TD Bank employee, who sees the likes of these traps day in and day out as part of her job) later that evening, and was forced by her to delete my Y! Mail correspondence with the client (practically the only option at my disposal);
      • made my last apology to superior #2 the following morning ("Never again");
      • waited out C1's attempt to sort it out for the next six days;
      • called them again after three in the afternoon on the 21st;
      • held up younger sister's plans to pick up the nephew/go to the library + Chick-fil-a for an hour because we wanted to get the blockage over and done with;
      • both sister and superior called me to task as an unsuspecting fraud victim during the holdup;
      • and it really wasn't my fault because:
        1. I thought it was a valid check;
        2. I did just as the client asked at the time, requiring me to download C1's app on my new device; and
        3. although I may know a small bit about finance and budgeting, I've never had any sort of experience with banking frauds and the like. To be fair, akin to Jean Valjean: I'm under a paycut till November, and a huge sum like what I was offered could have stemmed the tide up till Christmas and beyond—but still...
    Ultimately, it wasn't so much of a serious it was an overambitious miscalculation on my end.
    At least I got little else but a token of appreciation—and that was what mattered. (Or maybe it really wasn't.) Turns out DA ousted Mackenzie's account the same morning as the start of the big opportunity that never really came, perhaps for the same reasons listed above—as well as probable comment-spamming?
    • Update, 29/9:
    • "broad86new" confirmed our worst fears earlier this month (before said incident occurred)—and I never really knew what really hit me. Unfortunately, we been done scammed.[1]
    • A couple days ago, C1 also did via air mail. ("Reason: invalid acct number".) Someday soon, I'll get that notice framed and label it "A CAUTIONARY TALE"—so that others will learn and be reminded.[2]
    Now that I'm putting behind this uninformed blunder in my past, I can work the likes of this machination into my Bulwark backstory. Now that's why ROMEDIA, the Rogatia Media Development Authority, underwent funding issues throughout the late 2010s: Some firm came knocking by online, only to have the management's bank accounts frozen big-time; investigation lasted till July 2021, lingering on several months later than expected due to pandemic concerns.
    • As for how Thursday 21st and the subsequent weekend went, next section's got you covered.
  • And thanks to my proposal to do a polar-bear Arthur-sona belonging to "DexinDraws" (as part of a month-long Core-subscription giveaway contest of his), this site is finally turning on support for TIFF uploads (which SketchBook X on my devices uses by default) for the step-by-step tutorials—something I meant to see about earlier during July's admittedly stilted commission stint. Be warned you'll only see it in sketch form for now (thanks to all those duties on the Bulwark)—but at the OP's request, I'll try my best. (For "Bzeh(burger)" of Chile, an IB mainstay in this field who won't mind a look.)
  • And speaking of contests: Stay tuned as I snap away a sneak peek of the Bulwark large-scale work—commune labels and all—before time and slots run out on this giveaway from one "Umbra0Ghost". (Coming soon on Pillowfort, when I finally set up shop there by early November.)

Effective this update (28/9), this feed now includes interwiki support for deviants and deviations alike—using DA's legacy URL system. (Sounds like a couple of new external-link tags are clearly in our sights...)

As promised earlier, about last weekend (writing on 28/9, after JotterPad/Notepad sketches):

  • 5:05 p.m., 21/9: Left 3430 Kearsney Abbey for the first in almost two years; younger sister successfully coaxed me into going to the library with her and the nephews, but for precaution's sake, I decided to mask up. Any longer delay on C1's part, and I would've stayed in as usual—but thank goodness they finally cleared things up just in time for the occasion (a little after quarter to five)! (You'll see what that led to, here and in a later section.)
  • 5:30: Arrived back at Brandon and its library. Sister had something to scan; the niblings were borrowing books; and this time, I was perusing all manner of magazines, the first few pages of Volume A of World Book 2022, and a few more titles on either floor. (One of them was Ain't Burned All the Bright by Jason Reynolds, which recently joined my AFC + DYK portfolio after an earlier attempt in February by a socked-and-clocked user went nowhere. Looking at the deletion log, you weren't missing much back then.)
    • Speaking of magazines: I was wondering about Writers Digest, one of my permanent go-to resources back at Waterbury's Silas Bronson. Thankfully, one of the staff told me it's available online for patrons; I'll look into it myself any hour from now.
  • 6:13: Left Bronson, and settled in with "Princes of the Universe" (Queen's theme from Highlander)...
  • 6:19: b/w the 1993 Shimajiro OP, WOW! #568 (the final weekly to be archived on my old Tab), and the Kodomo segment referenced in this Tenor GIF (which also surfaced in the early sessions of last year's Gamut). (A warm-up run for our first Paradise package since last Christmas, originally slated for sometime in September but now carded for early October. Given my commitments elsewhere lately, expect no more than three such editions before either we cycle back into the marathon or the trip back home to Dominica is finally a go in November or so.)
  • 6:32: Technically made my first C1 purchase on the road—sister ordered me a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich with bacon and American cheese. ($7.41 charge—including cookie for the niblings.)
  • 6:46: Returned to 3430 just as that Kodomo vignette was ending. Even told superior #2 (sticking with that designation from now on) about my C1's second chance.
  • 7:38: Settled back upstairs to finish the warmup with the rare 1995 ED, before moving back to a curated run of highlights from Adanson's catalogue. (Speaking of which, be there as I experiment with semantic track listings en route to Reflections Volume 10 [code-produced as RFB01, the first in a soft-reboot]—and after a couple of years away, we could sure use an LFM subscription for that alone. And for that, a download of MP3Tag [one of our handy trusted tools for years] is essentially imminent. That, and getting into the groove with GoneMAD's AutoDJ [representing the curator critters' hefty-defty randomiser] sooner or later...)[4]
  • 10:25 p.m., 22/9: Took me ages as usual, but I finally ordered that long-sought-after protective case from Amazon.
  • 7:35 p.m., 23/9: Elemental on D+, one of the first to feature Disney's updated castle logo (introduced in last Thanksgiving's Strange World).
  • 8:48: Picked up new protective case.
  • 7:34–7:38 p.m., 24/9: Opened the case after several minutes of struggling with the thin tape on top, set it over my new device...and now we're on our way once again.
  • I was planning to order bits and pieces from several deviants, but those will have to wait till our next 1–2 printings.

Turning back to Tovasala, our other labour of love: The Snippet-markup system began to undergo a retool this Sunday, but for some reason, the level info for most of the words profiled in each excerpt disappeared during the latest update to the {{Snippet data}} module. Set aside some time to fix things up and restore them, in a job that lasted till September 8.

P.S. Our latest headword (at original press time) was akuatiede, based on the Makah (an extinct indigenous language of Washington State) for "bald eagle" (one of the symbols of the United States).

P.P.S. Bug in Page Forms or not (stay tuned as MH gets around to patching up the missing default values for us users here), I managed to deal with our 19th Snippet (involving a retranslation from King James' 2 Kings, which originally surfaced as a quote-support test at Referata RFM) as September was starting to wind down. The English-Tovasala side of things sure fooled my mind for a few hours—I was initially elated things could have been back to normal—but the RFM-EN side was slightly feature-deficient to the point where it couldn't render the submission properly without the mandatory "rfm" language tag, which was unfortunately affected. Nonetheless, I carried on manually after the original Scripture was covered. That said, we're saving #0020 for when PF gets refreshed; knowing the shortage of MH volunteers already after last June's events, this might take a little or a long while.

P.P.P.S. The last few days of September marked the unannounced return of mutated forms in morpheme tables, thanks to this bit of reminiscing from the Wayback Machine I approached several days back. Since Referata is encountering service problems, a fresh redo in the Miraheze era was nothing short of inevitable. At this writing (28/9), we've reached pattern 1b ii as listed at Grammar: Stem change chart, with more work to follow as October creeps in.

P.P.P.P.S. Sooner or later (as of 16/10), we'll finally get to the first phase of the Case handbook; h/t mh:anglisc:Archaic case & gender#Case uses for the starting point I finally remembered after it slipped through my mind for several months.

With regards to geographical coordinates in Semantic MediaWiki, 8/9: Yesterday, after revisiting the GitHub bug I filed a few months ago (cf. phab:T10611), and having a look-see at Miraheze's GH repository for clues, I think I managed to put two and two together. The only reason SMW still can't read coordinates on place profiles, four months later, is because MH already disabled it ages beforehand:

'egMapsDefaultService' => [
		'ext-Maps' => 'leaflet',
	'egMapsDisableSmwIntegration' => [
		'ext-Maps' => true,

After this FTA update, I'll reopen the Phabricator page and try to work out a localised deal with the few volunteers at hand at our current host. (Maybe on an experimental basis so that the servers don't get stressed?)

Ever wondered about the "-00:03" and so forth you sometimes see on CD and DVD players? A user at the official Vegas Pro forum gave this explanation—two decades ago. (Via Google results for "negative seconds on CDs".)

"I don't use Vegas to make audio CDs. I do, however, run a full time professional music production studio and know how to do what you are asking.

"The 'negative time' you see on CDs is the time in the 'pause' region between tracks. When you create the index markers for a CD, most simple CD burning programs just create track boundary markers. The better CD mastering programs allow you to actually specify the track start and track end for each index. If you leave some space between the track end marker of one index (song), and the track start marker of the next index (song), then that blank space in between is considered a pause region, and most CD players will count down the time of the pause region until the next track starts. It's similar to having the default 2 second pause region that is required at the beginning of a CD (although CD players automatically skip this and start right at the first track).

"You used to be able to do this with Sonic Foundry's CD Architect, but that program was discontinued. I now use Steinberg's Wavelab 3 with its Audio Montage to set up the master CD layout. It's the best software I know of at the time for creating master CDs for duplication since you can layout your CD EXACTLY the way you want it, and can even have multiple tracks of audio that will all be mixed together as the CD is burning, and you can have master plug-ins running at the same time that will be applied to the audio as it is burned to CD.

"I'm not sure how you create CD layouts in Vegas since I'm not using it for audio work, but hopefully with this explanation you will have an idea about how it should be set up and then you can see if it is possible to do it in Vegas or not. Basically, see what type of markers Vegas lets you create for CD indexes, and try to leave some space between the marker for the end of one track and the beginning of the next track... If the markers are actually start/end markers and not simple boundary markers, then it should work (otherwise, you'll simply end up with an extra short track between songs instead of the countdown pause track you were looking for).

"Hope this helps.

"Steve" (MusicTECH, 27/3/2002, 2:14 p.m.)

Leaving reminders from last week's Techdirt on IA vs. the RIAA and the perils of the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA)—because doing anything less is letting those responsible for these acts win. (This is why Rogatia respectively moved away from music organisations [leaving only BMG Rogatia and locally based, open-source Alconia]—and a highly complicated parliament [leaving only a highly respectful President and Prime Minister and a few advisors of theirs in North America's only example of a diarchy].)

P.S., 28/9: I hear talk (via Free Press' e-mail newsletters) that U.S. Title II—i.e., the Net neutrality rulebook—is one step closer to being welcomed back by the FCC. (I'll donate a couple of dollars tomorrow.)

Additional thoughts and musings on the state of cyberspace, 17/10:

"I'm really kind of running out of hope for the internet, and for the future. The reason my hope for the future and my hope for the internet are bound up is that it's hard to imagine how we can meaningfully change the world if we don't have the possibility of a free and open internet to use to organize that change. The rich and the powerful already enjoy the facility to organize themselves. That's how they got to be rich and powerful.

"But for anyone else, for anyone hoping to upend the order of things, to have a more egalitarian, democratic society, I can't conceive of how that would work if there wasn't a free and open infrastructure on which to organize it. And that free and open infrastructure is incompatible with the idea that owners of computers are treated as untrusted by those computers. And the law prohibits telling people when their computers are doing things that they don't want them to do, or telling people about vulnerabilities in their computers that might allow some third party to exploit their computer against their owners' interests.

"That's pretty wonkish, I know. And not entirely coherent, I know. That's why I haven't written it up yet. But I'm going to. And I hope maybe we can start joining up the dots here. That the institutions we rely on to keep the internet safe and free, like the World Wide Web Consortium, like the Mozilla Foundation, will understand that no matter what the cost to their wider relevance to the wider internet that this is not worth it…

"It, it can't be worth it. That there's nothing that is worth participating in the creation of a mandate that makes it illegal to tell people when their computers are not trustworthy. There just isn't."

Cory Doctorow, "Flowers from Al 02" (13/1/2014)

"Three Guarantees in Life: Taxes, Death, and Politicians Trying to Destroy the Internet"

—Mike Masnick, Techdirt headline from 10/10[5]

This just in from Wikimedia Commons (1:46 p.m., 30/8). (From downtown Tampa during this morning's Idalia surge.)

Some breaking news from the Peninsula, 28/8 (9:07 p.m.):

  • All eyes in the state are on Tropical Storm Idalia, soon to become a hurricane...
  • while over in Miami, two were killed and four were injured in a crash involving a helicopter from the Broward County Sheriff's Office. One of the deceased was the son of this contributor's St. Petersburg uncle, a paramedic and firefighter in his fifties. (A funeral was held around September 7, attended by my superiors who drove all the way by rental car.)
  • DeSantis' shameful tirades are nipping on the heels of a soon-to-depart-from-Panama City KLPC team; in the meantime, keep an eye out and stay tuned on how well the newly introduced "Right to Rock" bill fares. (Via "tomacamot" at Techdirt Insider.)

A fortnight after Idalia, KLPC is finally booking tickets for the big move to Madeira for what it's worth—mainland Portugal's ill-advised support for Article 13 or not. (Madeira was faithfully depicted in Movements 4 and 5 of Musical Grand Prix, Volume 9 of Reflections [June 4–11, 2021].)

Moving on with some comments from rdtr:Twitter/comments/1576c93/twitter_is_changing_to_x_as_early_as_tomorrow/ at post-API-standoff RDT. For choosing the most generic name/logo for any social service—among other serious crimes of late—E. Musk should leave the feed in blue and move back to rockets and electric cars. Either that, or he's one step closer to the guillotine he deserves to be under. (There, I said it; First Amendment rules.)

"As a Graphic Designer, I am heartbroken that Twitter's bird logo is flying off into the sunset forever. It was, in my opinion, one of the most intelligently crafted social media logos ever designed. The very fact that it's being replaced with a generic "art deco" X is disappointing." —"TubularTopher", 25/7

"He's finally gonna just destroy the ubiquitous Twitter brand itself after thoroughly wrecking the site and app.

"Any doubt that he destroyed the site by sheer incompetence rather than intent is gone for me lol" —"DeathandGrim", 24/7

"Elon is definitely stupid. I believe it now. Twitter is not going to survive. Watch a competitor start to take over in... I say, a few months. Everyone will switch. MySpace was popular and it too died to a competitor. This Elon guy is stupid as f[...]." —"fruittree17", 24/7

"In a few years, Twitter is going to be used as a case study as to how not to run a social media company.

"I halfway wonder if Elon is intentionally ruining the site for some reason." —"DatingAdviceGiver101", 24/7

"Elon is an idiot with a lot of money made from PayPal before they kicked him out.. Tesla was also basically a hostile takeover. No one likes Elon. He’s a loser who grew up without any real friends. Now look at him. Buys companies to feel like he has power and friends. He pretends like he’s an engineer but has no skill other than money. I hope he trips and bashes in his teeth." —"Sharp_Squash2411", 30/7

Supplemental reading as of recent: "Never mind, tweets should be called posts now" (The Verge, July 29) and "X misses the mark in threatening to sue my group for documenting online hate speech" (by the Center for Countering Digital Hate's Imran Ahmed; MSNBC, July 31).

...O.K., so maybe Musk doesn't deserve the guillotine—all he deserves is a big, fat pink slip. Thanks to last month's news that he is taking California's recent online-transparency laws head-on—which I hope many more should rightly do—for better or worse. To every other commoner out there: Call your senators, sign those petitions, pray that John Oliver notices...

Speaking of ghosts of social outlets past: After several weeks' delay (thanks to the Bulwark rebuild and what not), highlights from this Captain's G+ years ("#WhatLiesAground", 2012-19) are on their way. Setting up the landing page anytime before August ends; first MH rerun now slated for anytime between September 1-5.

P.S. I'll get going with sooner or later, as recommended by "Tobimacoss" at rdtr:Twitter/comments/179e0d3/twitter_is_throttling_patreon_links_creators_say (17/10). (I recall when I tried out the now-closed Xeeme/Appearoo during my Plus days, so this could be a valid replacement—but don't expect much in the way of maintenance beyond the barest of bones.)

As we return to the Shimajiro fanzine (Idalia's passage or not):

  • ~8:20 p.m., 24/8: Look closely in the final shots of an episode of Hello Kitty: Super Style!, and you'll see a feline character with the exact same stripe patterns on the back of his head as Benesse's beloved tiger mascot. (Via the niece's Amazon Prime queue.)
  • 8:31–9:28 p.m., 25/8: Since the Spectrum Wi-Fi was AWOL for a while at the time, I decided to give Chromecasting from my new Galaxy Tab A a go—and just as it happened to return, at that. Tests began with four tunes from Rocket Player, followed (from 8:50 onward) by the 1993 Shimajiro OP; the 2021 special episode introducing Amelia the wheelchair lion; a Kodomo segment from late last year fan-titled "Shimajiro's Amazing Technicolor Dinner" by this contributor; and the rare 1995 ED. (Ultimately a warm-up round for the return of our Paradise package [after ages on the backburner in light of the long-winded Bulwark campaign].)
  • 11:30 p.m., 29/8: Sorry for the plethora of missing tweets from last time (and earlier), but here's to our first go in the past couple of months. (Via Google image results for the original Japanese title of Heroland; again, be warned that the feed in blue was rebranded, although embeds are still in place for the time being. As always, stay tuned for the Learningland recap.[6])
  • 12:55 a.m., 30/8: And speaking of Heroland...
  • 6:19 p.m., 21/9: See Brandon/weekend recap above.

29/9: Proving that animation is not just for kids...did someone say "Hazbin Hotel"? And will Vivziepop's long-gestating venture be worth the wait?

And as we wrap up this "printing" (on September 7): Look what the cat (and dog—and rabbit—and trash panda—and mouse—and penguin) dragged in.

  • First up, two works from a deviant known as "empyrea1", who specialises in AI art, a movement officially acknowledged here on this feed for the first time (legal doubts and other readers' feelings on the matter highly in spite). Recall the time when yours truly experimented with NovelAI last summer for an Unspooled draft segment.
  • Along with two sets of long legs, 28/9:
Purchased by this contributor for $1.25 at 4:55 p.m. on the day of its upload, October 19.
  • This just in from Wiktionary's latest: "For real life", one of the defining catchphrases of Australian animated phenomenon Bluey, has hit their lexicon. That—and a Jeopardy! clue from earlier this year—may be enough to secure a place in the North American mainstream (after five years on the air).
  • Finally, from the most recent front-page DYK on WP...
This is almost exactly what Androscoggin (off the northeastern coast of Wiphala in Yorkshire) resembles from a bird's eye view, due north. (Actual location: Bridgeman Island, part of the South Shetlands.)

One more bit from WP, 10/9: This weekend's Main Page featured two earthquake articles on its right side. Depending on when you saw it, "On this day" commemorated either the 6.7 Mw 1954 event in Chlef, Algeria (on the 9th) or the "Minor Judgment Day" of 1509 near the Bosphorus (on the 10th), while "In the news" had a headline for Morocco's largest modern-day rattler to date, measuring up to 6.9 and striking the region of Marrakesh-Safi. As always, condolences to the friends/family of the victims from this contributor and the KLPC team.

P.S. More seismic activity as of mid-October elsewhere, this time in Herat, Afghanistan.

Postscript observations on the afternoon of Friday, October 13: It's Halloween; planets align; Jason has his day. (In Tovasala, a related term is deiśtrigleufoabe.)

The following day (14/10): An eclipse occurred over the American Southwest, plus Central and South America; even Windows 10/11's search-bar icon commemorated it. But we in Florida are not left out yet—that's where next April 8 comes in.

On the night of Sunday the 15th: Younger sister brought over an inflatable mattress in advance of my cousin's Thanksgiving arrival. (Born to my uncle and aunt, Christian Union pastors, who lived one street away from me in Stockfarm during my later youth; all have since resided in Kentucky. Somehow forgot about her till said sis reminded me.)

On WP's front page, 16/10: An FA rerun of Walt Disney's article, and an "On this day" factoid commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of what would evolve into The Walt Disney Company.

At three a.m., 17/10: Yours truly finally confirmed MSFT's recent weekly prompt to set up OneDrive, which my latest round of Shimajiro archives could use; there's been only one copy of the post-May lot on my laptop, and for the sake of future fans in the West, I'm not about to just let go of them easily. (The rest is stored on the 128 GB USB that's currently settled on my new device.)

On the other hand, I underestimated just how much work this 2.5 GB test run of our backup could be—especially since it's half of the 5 GB allotted to free accounts like mine. Guess it's back to old-school local USB storage + SyncToy instead...

On the night of October 18th:

  • "Everybody in the family's [now] got glasses." That much the niece stated at 10:04, after the younger sis announced her first pair to me and the other sibling/nibling (to the tune of the original "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash).[7]
  • Not to mention MH is finally switching over to MW 1.40 after a delay of several months stemming from the recent departure of many of the old volunteers; Paladox put up the farm-wide banner this evening at seven (according to Phab). Best if we got both a data—and image—dump going before then...

On the 20th: Hurricane Tammy is brewing east of Martinique, so late in an already active season. At this writing, winds of 80 mph; moving WNW at 9 mph; expected to turn northwestward this weekend. (Advisory 11, NHC.) To those lucky enough to read this in the affected areas (including my homeland): Stay safe, take the usual precautions, follow official orders, and shelter if you can.

2:39, afternoon of 21/10: Tuned back into DBS Radio—on my tablet, and on my own volition—for the first time in ages on account of Tammy's impact. After this update, I'll check around Kairi, Q95, and RCI St. Lucia for updates. (Not to mention we're officially calling it a break till MH switches to 1.40—and not without a dump [in case anything goes wrong].)

And on the overnight of 22/10: Something called "Minesuperior" came and went on WP's new-page queue. Original page, deleted under CSD G11, described an informal Minecraft server; this contributor defines it as the stretch of Minnesota between Duluth and Grand Portage (with the first four letters pronounced just like its home state, and an extra letter added).

P.S. War began breaking out between Israel and Palestine 15 days ago—hence RFM's induction of the names of the two areas involved in the conflict.

Nature Island Minute, 28/10:

  • Dominica inaugurated its first woman president, Sylvanie Burton (of Kalinago ancestry), on October 2...
  • while last night marked the start of the World Creole Music Festival. (Like last year, Stride's Rogatian broadcast is produced in association with TJE Elmshire, Dominica Festivals, and MRC USA.)
  • Meanwhile, my chances of returning this year in person are absolutely slim. (But there's always next season...)

From the NPP redirect feed, second half of October:

This is bustrèng, the Romagnol/Sammarinese dish Shannon partakes in every season. (Shannon is partly of Sammarinese ancestry; the "Chiesanuova" part of her full name is pretty much the giveaway.)

Two more furry bits to close off our longest FTA to date; see you in November[8]—but I still won't have time for NaNoWriMo as a participant.[9]

And that wraps it up right here, folks; be there soon as I take care of the rest of the agenda, see about my side of an art trade, and try to get my PayPal credentials going—if only to cut as many ties with them as I can per my superior's insistence. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, tapal, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

P.S. I'll get my shots eventually—a year and a half late. See you after my mandatory rest.

Remembering Elizabeth II, Christine McVie, Kirstie Alley, Pele, Barbara Walters, Leiji Matsumoto, Burny Mattinson, Leo D. Sullivan (h/t Cartoon Brew), former Pope Benedict XVI, Jerry Springer, Harry Belafonte, Tina Turner (h/t MSN/AP), Cynthia Weil (wife of Barry Mann), Tony Bennett, Toto Cutugno, Bob Barker, Jimmy Buffett, Suzanne Somers, Richard Moll, and Matthew Perry; in solidarity with those affected by Ian and Nicole.

Until next we meet...Let the stories begin. Cheers,

Routhwick (talk)


Never forget. (WP's Picture of the Day for 9/11 this year.)
"See you in h[...], Pat Robertson."

Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

Characters (c) Vivziepop. Produced by A24.


  1. ^ Via "Burkasaurus"—via this official clarification on mature-content policiesvia "eviejulia"—via this Complaints forum thread.
  2. ^ Recall Alex Trebek on the early-1980s Canadian game-show obscurity Pitfall, recounted whenever it was brought up on Jeopardy! in the years after. Pitfall production company Catalena went bust and the host's check bounced, but he kept it around in his office for the rest of his life.
  3. ^ With the way things are in Florida, Britain (MH's soon-to-be-former host country), and California's government, and across Twitter/Reddit, "Crazy" is just about the right song—and the right word—at just about the right time. (Linked EFF story will double as a special edition of FTA in the days ahead.)
  4. ^ On the other hand, DPL3 + ACP might come to our rescue via the brand-new {{ACPTP}}, short for "AutoCreatePage Track Parameter". If this approach works, I'll give the MH team a status update at phab:T10578. (29/9) Not yet, folks—you'll have to keep on waiting... (30/9)
  5. ^ In reference to the SHOP SAFE Act, but he might as well be talking about KOSA, OSB, and the like as well. No wonder Rogatia has stayed out of politics in recent decades.
  6. ^ Never fear, the YT cache will be here! (28/9)
  7. ^ This contributor prefers the 1993 Cool Runnings cover by Jimmy Cliff.
  8. ^ Given my Jukebox commitments since late October, make that December.
  9. ^ As has been related time and again over the years, Unspooled began life as the 2012 NaNo project Marigot Magic (a 110,000+-word "winner").
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