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Originally published on: 2023-06-26, 03:52
Updated: 2023-06-26, 09:06
Shortcut: FTA:20230626

...because time will be running short before midnight Eastern; our next 500+ words are at stake before then; and we promised to get back to regular topics "in 5–10 days" last time. (Stay tuned for another EFF piece soon, as well as yet another standard-affair dispatch.)

As a quick reminder:

  • This feed will turn eleven, three days after this edition goes to press. (For last year's milestone writeup, see FTA:2022/One decade on....)
  • Better yet (as we prepare this post-haste): The WikiEditor toolbar is finally showing up in the FTA post form! Now we no longer have to worry about typing dashes (—) that way (--)—as long as it stays. Perhaps a side effect of our recent upgrade to Realtime Preview?

While I spent the weekend of June 9–12 "PostyBirbing" pic after Nomena pic at my preferred platforms, I received a message comment from "Fymrynworshipper", my first tentative commission client, on DeviantART. Let's just say our e-mail rendezvous turned into my first-ever bonafide case of "Money, Dear Boy"—I even used Sir Laurence Olivier's famous defense in a follow-up reply after it turned out he wanted something different than the anthro fare I am advertising in my renewed service pitch. (And I sure need my fair share—considering my niblings and sisters are heading off to Dominica in two days. Face it, he's offering me five times as much as my minimum price of $10.00—which will sure make up for the next two weeks of missed babysitting pay!) Also coasts on the edge of Creative Differences, since he insists I do an elf for him. Well, buddy...whatever floats your boat, but mark my words—I'm sticking to the furs after this inaugural stint.

Now is the time we actually used the Tutorial namespace for something other than Rogatia and the currently nascent Caruvia. (Next time, I owe two Redditors art trades—API-surcharge standoffs or not.)

Tomorrow, signal-boosting said pitch to my dA journal space, my first go with that feature since the last of my bimonthly status reports in February 2018. (This was what I used prior to Google+, Steemit/, and what you're reading now—all three of which supplanted it after that date.)

And now you know what I'm only typing this in: Just so I can give a reminder, and get a move on with the task at hand starting tomorrow. (Now that I've got new styluses and a new tablet to take care of that...)

As for Unspooled:

March 2006: Matthew Walemichire-Dixwell, a raccoon living in Toronto, has won a record C$56.7 million jackpot in Canada's national Lotto 6/49—all thanks to his ex-girlfriend Hilda, who bought the ticket in the first place and handed it over to him before the news was announced. The payday helps him rise from the slums he once lived in for the past seven years, and with his earnings, embarks on making the movie of his dreams in Marie-Galante (south of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies) while dishing out cheques to his Caribbean relatives—among them his two nephews, three-year-old Samson and seven-year-old Alfred of Stockfarm, Roseau, Dominica.

Summer 2009: Sam and Alfred head off to different places for summer vacation. The younger cousin is heading to Marigot en route to meeting his uncle in Marie-Galante; the older is doing a documentary on his unexpected partnership with Maurice, a benevolent vagrant Hispaniolan solenodon, and their trip to Carriacou in the Grenadian Grenadines (using money from Matthew’s funds). During their individual travels, they soon learn of the legend of their grandrelative Agatha, who starred in a little-seen colour epic back in the early 1930s—and are determined to see her performance for themselves no matter what.

In the meantime, best we started off with this outline-prompt rework for Volume I—authentically written by yours truly—and hope for the best. (The sooner we send this to press, the sooner I'll see for myself.)

January 2009: Alfred Lavinier, a resident of Stockfarm, Roseau, Dominica, is a ten-year-old raccoon boy with a knack for documentary shooting—all thanks to equipment his parents bought using windfall earnings from their Toronto relative Matthew Dixwell. One day in downtown Roseau, his video camera catches a glimpse of a downtrodden Hispaniolan solenodon named Maurice on the roadside, and a group of 28 other critters next to him—all of them vagrants whose special-institution abode recently got wrecked by accident during renovation. Alfred has never seen a solenodon in person before, and initially shoos him away as a natural threat. After Maurice convinces him otherwise, the two form a bond that gives way to a slew of interviews—and increasing doubts and worry from his parents Victor and Louise.

  • As for the Adanson Jukebox, we'll find time to retool our approach to new track, album, artist, and genre pages—since AutoCreatePages just isn't up to the task yet.
  • And see you with another Dixwell upload in the next half-week, as well as the breeding between Sam and his new assigned Blountstown mate (once I find an artist in request mode, because I need to save up for more important matters at this point)—after which he, Alfie, and the rest of the KLPC crew head off to Madeira and rebrand their operations under one roof. Better hurry before she gets out of heat...

Because of all the emotional fallout I felt recently over Reddit's API-surcharge protests—Spez deserves to step down as CEO and/or sell the outlet to someone who cares much more—as well as the weeks-long uncertainty surrounding Miraheze's future, transfer of the G+ Takeout to our Inspiron ended up delayed. New deadline: June 29. First rerun: No later than July 15. (Dealing with the STM/Hive archives in due course.)

Last but not least:

Backlog of interesting links to be cleared next time around; until then, leaving you with a belated tribute to Flappy and dad (from the early years of Shimajiro).

And that wraps it up right here, folks; be there soon as I take care of the agenda and the maps, see about my side of an art trade, and try to get my PayPal credentials going—if only to cut as many ties with them as I can per my superior's insistence. Until next we meet, take care, stay safe/connected, keep exploring, tapal, see you in the bestsellers, we'll meet you back home...and watch your tails.

P.S. I'll get my shots eventually—a year and a half late. See you after my mandatory rest.

Remembering Elizabeth II, Christine McVie, Kirstie Alley, Pele, Barbara Walters, Leiji Matsumoto, Burny Mattinson, Leo D. Sullivan (h/t Cartoon Brew), former Pope Benedict XVI, Jerry Springer, Harry Belafonte, Tina Turner (h/t MSN/AP), and Cynthia Weil (wife of Barry Mann); in solidarity with those affected by Ian and Nicole.

Until next we meet...Let the stories begin. Cheers,

Routhwick (talk)

"See you in h[...], Pat Robertson."


Characters (c) Benesse Corporation/Shimajiro; English version licensed by WildBrain.

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