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Originally published on: 2023-03-17, 15:13
Updated: 2023-03-17, 16:39
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Our regularly scheduled topics will resume in 1-4 days in favour of this special bulletin.

This just in from the co-founder's Miraheze Meta page (CC-BY-SA), just minutes ago:

Hello, I'm John Lewis. I'm the (co-)founder of Miraheze.

I left the project in March 2023 due to activity reasons and unfixable cultural problems. Miraheze is becoming an environment where those in power feel an ability to hijack and get rid of people who disagree with them or threaten their own resignations to get a power play to get their own way.

I came back to try and fix these problems - but it seems the types of volunteers this environment is attracting is making it difficult to bring around real change.

I know when I go, the community will slowly lose control as I have had days in preventing SRE and Stewards taking unnecessary power grabs to overrule the community.

I will be filing a complaint with the company against numerous people with whom they have agreements in place whether non-disclosure agreements which allow them to access sensitive information about everyone here or volunteering agreements in SRE. Whether that will go anywhere - I do not know but I do know that it will decide the future of Miraheze and it will be a future I won't be in.

In addition (at Phabricator):

I'm resigning my access and role as Engineering Manager for Infrastructure.

This is no longer an environment where I can trust colleagues and cases like T10616 is a prime example where everytime there is something someone dislikes, they open a request to spite everyone to try and power play their way back in.

I wish the short time the project has left luck, as this will not be recoverable from as trust is broken severely in all levels of this project to protect those who wish to do harm to us and this project[.]

Not to mention the other co-founder, Southparkfan, quietly disappeared in October 2021 after repeated attempts for contact by the rest of the MH team.

As for SRE's long-serving helping hand, Universal Omega (T10616):

I request immediate revocation of all access. I will likely later be resigning from all community and will likely be requesting my account be locked due to recent events and actions by @John, I do not have faith in Miraheze or the trust of anyone in it.

Prior to this I would have devoted years longer, but all the work I've put in has gone to nothing. So I [hereby] resign, effective immediately.

Enough for Bukkit to give this filing a rare "Heartbreak" token.

Also of interest: This Request for Revocation of John's Stewardship.

With this management crisis unfolding, it's either our host looks for competent fresh blood to right the ship, or sell it to someone who'll uphold what Miraheze should stand for (and not turn it into some kind of Fandom clone or Elon Musk playground). Or it'll be up to who's left in the MH team to band together and save the network from itself. Whatever the outcome, we may have just witnessed the end of an era in the wikisphere.

If I have to move to self-hosting in the next few years (or let my wiki backups rot for lack of funds), then so be it. But for now, I'm standing my ground.

Whatever tomorrow (and the rest of the season) brings, tune in as further details (if any) are unveiled.

Wishing the team (and the userbase) a desirable future,

Routhwick (talk)


P.S. Six quick reminders before we sign off here:

  1. Thanks to the Rogatia rebuild, stay tuned this Sunday for a brand-new "Data" namespace (for census stats and box-office figures)—long time coming.
  2. The sooner we finish the 90 m-upscale stage of the Bulwark, the sooner we switch to QGIS 3.30 ('s-Hertogenbosch)—and the sooner we move on to other matters.
  3. At long last, we'll see about updating our WP/Wikimedia Meta/FA/IB/et al. bios no later than the 25th.
  4. Sorry to miss this year's Oscars (thanks to said Bulwark commitments)—but congrats to A24 and the cast/crew of Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All at Once.
  5. In business news: Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank collapsed last week within three days of each other. Could this signal the start of the next Great Recession?
  6. Ron DeSantis has no business whatsoever being a state Governor—and I am saying this as a Sunshine State resident. This contributor calls for him to resign ASAP (and so should those lucky few who have come across this feed).
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