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Back then, yours truly didn't quite have his sea legs yet—and it shows in the formatting of the two posts that started it all social-wise for Captain Routhwick.


Updated: 2012-03-04T15:22:45-0500

So yes, I'm finally here. This is as far away from Facebook and Twitter as I can get--and for me, all the more convenient as far as social sites are concerned.

I'm using this mainly as a means of promoting my long-in-gestation book project, THE SEVTON SAGA. (Outlets like this are recommended at large for writers, especially beginners.) Otherwise, your best bet to reach me is on Wikipedia, Open Library or deviantART, or via good old friendly email.

Till we meet again, it's "diè wåde" (as they say in Walloon).

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Updated: 2012-03-04T18:26:16-0500

A deviantART journal post regarding the status and future of LUCKY GUESS, the first adventure in THE SEVTON SAGA.

For what it's worth...a little bit of news. by ~dcjc on deviantART

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