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Greetings From the Author,
a collection of long-form posts by Reginald Routhwick, founder of the Constant Noble creative-venture label as well as its official Miraheze wiki.

From the Author—or "FTA" for short—is a continuation of what started out as Routhwick's "#WhatLiesAground" feed. "#WhatLiesAground" was hosted on the now-closed Google+ from late June 2012 till February 2019 (with predecessor posts starting in March 2012); continued on the Steemit platform till April 2020; and switched to from that point on till November 2021.

Per the nature of its title, editing in the FTA namespace is restricted to the site founder. For questions/comments/feedback/topic suggestions/errata/support, please use the talk page of any given post or contact the author. (To participate on-site, please sign up through Miraheze Meta, or make sure you are already logged in with an existing good-faith account.)


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Paraphrasing a line in the original Pursuit of Happyness book by Chris Gardner, itself the basis for a motion picture starring Will Smith. (Both came out in 2006.)

Ten weeks into 2024 (as we spring back into the FTA zone), and we're still knee deep in the ongoing development of the Adanson Jukebox—to the point where I've had to miss out on everything from the Rogatia map to the Tovasala Dictionary to the Gamut movie marathon (abbreviated to ten titles this year; we'll move back sometime in April and get it finished) to my own Unspooled manuscript. Processing those track listings—one page at a time—is getting counterintuitive when you consider how many tunes take up an entire Reflections movement (40-55 over three hours) or Music Time session (30-36 over two)—implications I hardly once considered back when we resumed development on the infrastructure during last ...
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Those were the days2023-12-09, 22:58
File:Tanuki Routhwick (u-BluTheLion).png

...and you knew where you were then. (H/T this AVID Logos forum thread from three days before this edition's initial printing; Norman Lear died early this week at age 101. Condolences, as always; ditto for the professors shot in the Las Vegas university shooting.)

With duties on the finally active Adanson Jukebox presiding over everything else in my purview, this may be our last FTA for the whole year; as such, making that a living post till New Year's Eve.

Speaking of the Jukebox...

Missed me recently?2023-08-22, 08:49

Because, at the time of this edition's original publication, I have been all but consumed entirely by three things since the start of July:

  1. The zenith of a Wikipedia comeback, during which I amassed 2,650+ edits in the past seven weeks alone—a record!
  2. The usual babysitting duties, well after the younger sister and the niblings returned from Dominica on the 12th of last month. And most importantly...
  3. The inaugural phase of our large-scale mission across Rogatia, the Bulwark of the Atlantic—at long, long last!—albeit on QGIS 2.18 because 3.30 has a few shortcomings, chief among them the absence of the long-unmaintained CadTools. (Groundwork took place on July 30, practically unannounced; first bits of commune demarcation [for Santa Cruz, Yorkshire] during my 37th birthday; and road network of first commune, the seaside town of Ossett, carried ...

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"Subreddits and third-party apps are going dark in response to Reddit’s proposed API changes. It’s the latest front in a labor battle between algorithms and the humans who feed them."

This is a special edition of FTA, reprinted out of spite (amid recent acrimonious events) from this June 30 story by WIRED's Angela Watercutter. Material from WIRED (c) Condé Nast.

No paywalls, no mercy. This is why the likes of Wikimedia--and the creative label whose site you are now on--ever existed in the first place.

Regularly scheduled topics will return anytime before the end of July.

Via news results from Google search.

TODAY IS THE day the internet feared.

Maybe it wasn’t an active fear, not a doomsday everyone knew was coming, but still one that almost seemed inevitable: The magic of Reddit is gone. As of today, June 30, 2023, several ...
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...because time will be running short before midnight Eastern; our next 500+ words are at stake before then; and we promised to get back to regular topics "in 5–10 days" last time. (Stay tuned for another EFF piece soon, as well as yet another standard-affair dispatch.)

As a quick reminder:

  • This feed will turn eleven, three days after this edition goes to press. (For last year's milestone writeup, see FTA:2022/One decade on....)
  • Better yet (as we prepare this post-haste): The WikiEditor toolbar is finally showing up in the FTA post form! Now we no longer have to worry about typing dashes (—) that way (--)—as long as it stays. Perhaps a side effect of our recent upgrade to Realtime Preview?

While I spent the weekend of June 9–12 "PostyBirbing" pic after Nomena pic at my preferred platforms, ...


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