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Greetings From the Author,
a collection of long-form posts by Reginald Routhwick, founder of the Constant Noble creative-venture label as well as its official Miraheze wiki.

From the Author—or "FTA" for short—is a continuation of what started out as Routhwick's "#WhatLiesAground" feed. "#WhatLiesAground" was hosted on the now-closed Google+ from late June 2012 till February 2019 (with predecessor posts starting in March 2012); continued on the Steemit platform till April 2020; and switched to from that point on till November 2021.

Per the nature of its title, editing in the FTA namespace is restricted to the site founder. For questions/comments/feedback/topic suggestions/errata/support, please use the talk page of any given post or contact the author. (To participate on-site, please sign up through Miraheze Meta, or make sure you are already logged in with an existing good-faith account.)


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Happy New Year, folks!2023-01-09, 01:50

You might as well pretend.

As I type starting at 7:38 Eastern tonight (canned bookends notwithstanding):

  • This evening, plans for visiting Dominica as a family—to tend to my grandmother, who caught COVID last month—began to manifest. If we do go in the next several months...
    • this will be my first Nature Island appearance in person since I left for the Bronx in June 2006;
    • I'll benefit from my own entertainment on my SD card—the Adanson Jukebox, my ongoing Shimajiro archives, and some more in between;
    • I'll try to find one or two locals who can help me with the first two volumes of Unspooled at minimum (provided the circumstances allow it);
    • I'll snap a great deal of reference photos across the northeast (à la Walt Disney Animation Studios' "journeymen") for research/background-art purposes;
    • and for the rest of the story, see the vaccination reminder at the end of this edition.
  • We've ...

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End-of-year dispatch2022-12-31, 11:47

And once again, I have no better titles—and not much time left on the 2022 clock anyway.

Sprinting away with as many anecdotes as we can—before one more round of babysitting awaits this morning.

Medieval monks used to keep copies of important documents (mostly about which land they owned) to give them some insurance against fires and mice. Nowadays we can have "Name of the Rose" type catastrophes of a different nature, but which would still be familiar to a hypothetical "Walter of Stephenage". I do not see it elsewhere, so may I offer my thanks to the people who evidently worked so hard to restore things after the recent issues.

  • Remember when in Big Fat Liar (2002), Hollywood mogul Marty Wolf stole a teen boy's ...

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Post-Christmas recap2022-12-28, 07:27

And honestly, I can't think of a better title.

As we tune back in post-haste, a look at how Christmas weekend shaped up for me:

  • 24/12, 10:06 p.m.: Younger sister brought over my brand-new SanDisk 64 GB USB—the same one we'll move all of our mapfiles to after press time. (Not to mention we'll upgrade QGIS once the next version, 3.30, is all set for market; for now, we remain on long-phased-out 2.18. [I tried to move on with 3.4/Madeira some time ago, but lack of laptop space on our HP system prevented that.])
  • 25/12, 11:36–11:45 a.m.: During our gift-unwrapping ceremony (the niblings received the most presents), I got a $20 gift card from my mom; an Amazon Echo Dot (with Alexa Assistant) from the younger sister; and another gift card worth $25 from my stepfather (in that order). The only reason for the Echo Dot were my occasional rendezvouses with what the niblings already had since August (to kill some empty ...


...while at the same time, I'm almost out of time...and have run out of good titles even. After that, we are taking a good break from this feature as we...

  • deal with another couple of movies tonight in light of the younger sister's late hours;
  • install Windows 10 over 11 afterward (having switched off S mode, unplanned, at 7:11 yesterday morning);
  • and finally deal with Rogatia from scratch, all over again, after 14 protracted years of R&D. (Speaking of which, I finally found out belatedly how to salvage the pre-made coastlines from earlier attempts in Wilbur—through none other than the Mound feature, which yours truly had severely overlooked the last time I tried to do so and reported on it during the twilight of my Steemit phase.)
  • Not to mention we'll work on the parent "2022" page for this year's FTA editions, after which we'll handle 2021's.

Unspooled's first volume remains in the ...

O.K., computer2022-12-01, 07:23

...let's see what you've got. (With apologies to Radiohead.)

Settings > System > About:

Device specifications
Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz 2.42 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch Touch support with 10 touch points

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  • SimpleBlogPage, an extension of similar functionality used on various Miraheze sites