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eshub- (Core Base root) (Free morpheme) (Pattern 11b)
(Post-vowel: ńeshub-)

Meaning: knife
(Gloss: knife)

Etymology: From Island Carib éçùbaraté.

Morpheme length: 5 (B E H S U) • Number of morphemes: 1
Letter pattern: VCVC • IPA: /ɛ.ʃub/ • Syllables: 2 (e•shub)

Default word class: Noun

Noun (Nonsentient)
Category ♂ Masculine ♀ Feminine ⚲ Neuter
Singular eshube
Dual eshubouse
Plural eshubes
Definite Singular l'eshube
Dual l'eshubouse
Plural l'eshubes
Indefinite Singular un'eshube
Plural un'eshubes
Singular eshub-
Dual eshubouz-
Plural eshubuez-
Diminutive Singular eshubète
Dual eshubetouse
Plural eshubètes
Medial Singular eshubeade
Dual eshubeadouse
Plural eshubeades
Augmentative Singular eshubarde
Dual eshubardouse
Plural eshubardes
Declension (11b)
Singular Dual Plural
Absolutive (abs) Subject eshube eshubouse eshubes
Topic eshubeune eshubouseune eshubeunes
Ergative (erg)

eshubiebe eshubousiebe eshubiebes
Appositive (app)

eshuberije eshubouserije eshuberijes
Dative (dat)

eshubade eshubousade eshubades
Partitive (part)

eshubunète eshubousunète eshubunètes
Vocative (voc) Familiar eshubté eshubousté eshubtés
Formal eshubusté eshuböubusté eshubustés
Locative (loc)

eshubad- eshubouzad- eshubuezad-
Genitive (gen) Inalienable eshuboz- eshuböuboz- eshubüeboz-
Alienable eshuborz- eshuböuborz- eshubüeborz-
Proprietive (prop) Inalienable eshubzol- eshubouzzol- eshubuezzol-
Alienable eshubten- eshubouśten- eshubueśten-
Instrumental/Vialis (instr/via)

eshubemek- eshubouzemek- eshubuezemek-
Utilitive (util)

eshubaurd- eshubouzaurd- eshubuezaurd-
Comitative (com)

eshubaseb- eshuböutaseb- eshubüetaseb-
Conjunctive (cnj)

eshubauvek- eshubouzauvek- eshubuezauvek-
Originative (ogn)

eshubesil- eshuböubesil- eshubüebesil-
Terminative (term) Temporal eshubuskem- eshuböubuskem- eshubüebuskem-
Spatial eshubäffuind- eshubouzäffuind- eshubuezäffuind-
Lative (lat)

eshubaup- eshubouzaup- eshubuezaup-
Allative (all)

eshubäuvv- eshubouzäuvv- eshubuezäuvv-
Inessive (ine)

eshubint- eshubouzint- eshubuezint-
Illative (ill)

eshubïnvv- eshubouzïnvv- eshubuezïnvv-
Exessive (exe)

eshubtug- eshubouśtug- eshubueśtug-
Elative (ela)

eshubtüvv- eshubouśtüvv- eshubueśtüvv-
Adessive (ade)

eshubiāk- eshubouziāk- eshubueziāk-
Apudessive (apud)

eshubproxim- eshubouśproxim- eshubueśproxim-
Altessive (alt)

eshubault- eshubouzault- eshubuezault-
Subessive (sube)

eshubulem- eshubouzulem- eshubuezulem-
Precursive (pcv)

eshubprev- eshubouśprev- eshubueśprev-
Postcursive (pos)

eshubaprev- eshubouzaprev- eshubuezaprev-
Abessive (abe)

eshubond- eshubouzond- eshubuezond-
Distributive (dist)

eshubaivad- eshubouzaivad- eshubuezaivad-
Propositive (pro)

eshubaubog- eshubouzaubog- eshubuezaubog-
Oppositive (opp/anti)

eshubopoam- eshubouzopoam- eshubuezopoam-
Contrastive (crs)

eshubpotal- eshubouśpotal- eshubueśpotal-
Essive (ess)

eshubnand- eshubouśnand- eshubueśnand-
Translative (trsl)

eshubiz- eshuböubiz- eshubüebiz-
Semblative/Formal (sembl/form)

eshuboid- eshubouzoid- eshubuezoid-
Similative (simil)

eshubausik- eshuböubausik- eshubüebausik-
Identical (idt)

eshubaibem- eshubouzaibem- eshubuezaibem-
Comparative/Equative (cmpr/equ)

eshuboṛkuem- eshubouśkuem- eshubueśkuem-
Referential (ref)

eshubprin- eshubouśprin- eshubueśprin-
Note: Not all case endings may apply to this root. As such, some or most forms shown above may be hypothetical.
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