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Capital (Province, parish, and district seat)
Location Trouvaille Metropolitan
Postcode range S1 101–110
Coordinates 11.17° N, 53.27° W
Population 373,658 (2017)
Highest point Queen's Hill
149.2005 m489.503 ft <br />
(11.1762° N, 53.1952° W)
Lowest point Makaroff Bight
0 m0 ft <br />
Time zone(s) UTC -4
Area code (+1) 427
Exchange prefix(es) 201-599
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Trouvaille is the capital city of the Atlantic island nation of Rogatia, and is the largest urban area on the island. The centre of government, business, entertainment and transportation, it was founded by Spanish settlers sometime in 1724 (as San Pablo), and was incorporated sixty years later. In 1820, it received its present-day name from the territory's then-French government.

Trouvaille's neighbouring towns are Byahaut, Leesdale, Trousdale, and Randstown.


Trouvaille was founded around 1724 as San Pablo by Rogatia's original Spanish settlers, and was incorporated in 1784. Due to the thick growth that once sprang up there, they never ventured any further up the Orissen River. At the start of the 19th century, the French settlers displacing the Spanish did so, and found an inland harbour now called Burgess Lake (in Eberswalde) through the passage--hence the name "Trouvaille", French for "find"/"discovery", and thus making Shropshire an excellent conduit for transatlantic trade.



The former Trouvaille Crusader newspaper was headquartered at a ten-story complex in Welkeston commune.


The main national branches of Royal Bank of Canada, ScotiaBank and FirstCaribbean are located downtown.


Trouvaille has two branches of the national supermarket chain Ladywell, in Eberswalde and Hopewell; both were acquired from France's Carrefour in March 2020.


There are six cinemas in the city proper:


Trouvaille's CBD is home to the Rogatia National Museum, located on Dell Lane and close to the Herbert Hancine Highway (3H).


Several Routes serve Trouvaille: the southern Via Grandestina (R5), the Orissen Expressway (R6), the Cross-Trouvaille Expressway (CTE) (R7), and the coastal Reischler Boulevard (R9).

Trouvaille's tram network started operations in 1911, and was the only remaining system in the British West Indies after Weymouth, Elmshire shuttered its own in 1960. Thanks to the influence of the opening credits of Full House, the system was maintained as a tourist attraction up till December 31, 2005.


BoroughPostcode rangePopulation (2017)
Trouvaille CBDS1 10115,093
WelkestonS1 10234,446
LordwellS1 10310,877
LevenshulmeS1 10421,338
GloverS1 10531,789
HopewellS1 10645,214
Cornwall, RogatiaS1 10722,578
Queen's HillS1 10889,289
AlverniaS1 10949,304
EberswaldeS1 11076,710

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