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This is the Docket page for tracks slated to appear in future volumes and movements of Reflections, a series of animated visual albums developed/produced in-universe by Kino Lorber Panama City (KLPC, comprising the downtown Briarwood Patch facility and several satellite studios), and financed/distributed by Kino Lorber.

Reflections began production in April 2020, after COVID-19 restrictions put future live performances by Dominica's Adanson Ensemble on indefinite hold. After a belated Fourth of July special on August 8 served as a test run of the format, Volume 1 premiered on the 15th, en route to another three up till early October. After a six-month hiatus, two theatrically test-screened supplements of Volume 4 surfaced in April 2021. Another four standard volumes followed until early June; the ninth and most recent installment, Musical Grand Prix, was simultaneously screened in theatres and on streaming during June 4–11.

During summer 2021, production on Reflections slowed to a crawl as animation teams got burned out. By November, Kino Lorber ordered a vaccination mandate for all staff on its payroll, and production was halted indefinitely. After the last of 5,280 animators received their shots, production on the upcoming Volume 10 (slated to kick off "Series B") resumed on July 27, 2022.

Reflections is a KLPC production (a joint venture of Autrison Management Ventures/Adanson Trust, LLC/Kino International), with worldwide sales and distribution by Kino International.

Due to the sheer amount of tracks covered throughout "Series A" (Volumes 1–9), they will only be covered by simple track listings on a future date. This Docket concerns selections in the "Series B" era and beyond, and may revisit selections from Series A from time to time.


After a Volume's lineup is fully built in its respective section, please move its contents to the referring link. Selections from Bandcamp must be archived through the Wayback Machine. To keep track, follow along on site founder Routhwick's Last.fm profile.


Movement I

Movement II


Title Artist Suggested by Sighted (^)/Heard on
POPPY StayC YouTube notifications 18–19/11 ^
A Thousand Trees Stereophonics Kairi FM 21/11
Father Have Mercy Explainer Kairi FM 21/11
Last Christmas Ariana Grande Alexa 22/11
Christmas Isn't Cancelled (Just You) Kelly Clarkson Alexa 22/11
Your Power Billie Eilish WP:DYK 24/11 ^