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"We never strive for less than anything decent."

—Motto of Autrison Records

The Adanson Jukebox, a part of the Dixwell Dossier, is an effort to document the collection of Marigot, Dominica's Adanson Trust; their Giraudel supplier Autrison Records; and the successor Florida enterprise Kino Lorber Panama City LLC (KLPC). Adanson, an event facility and nature reserve, took its name from the species of the 150-year-old baobab specimen dominating the front yard of its premises, Adansonia grandidieri. (The species name in turn honours French botanists Michel Adanson and Alfred Grandidier.)

The Jukebox's Referata counterpart was the old Dossier's "Project:Soundtracks" section, none of which the Internet Archive captured by the time the semantic wiki farm went dormant in late 2020. This incarnation is focused exclusively on selections from Revolution and Reflections, the visual-album showcases both entities and several other interests have been producing under the KLPC moniker. (As of July 2024, coverage is limited to Series B [spanning Volume 10 and beyond].) Information on Adanson's past get-togethers, plus setlists used in their charity-concert series re.BUILD, are not covered here for the time being.

For a detailed in-universe retrospective/rundown, please see /A Musical Legacy.



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